Strandja blueberry – the ancient berry from the tertiary period

For years and years, forest rangers, forestry officials and environmentalists scoured Strandja Mountain in search of a shrub that had gone extinct. Its dark blue berries, hidden away amidst the dense verdure, remained hidden for decades,..

published on 2/12/18 2:04 PM

Balkan Developments

Cyprus accuses Turkey of violating international law The President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades stated that Turkey has violated international law by blocking a gas drill ship near its coast, and warned that Nicosia would take “the necessary..

published on 2/12/18 12:00 PM

Over 10,000 ha of Danube wetlands restored over past decade

Over 10,000 ha of wetlands along the Danube region and including Bulgarian territories have been restored over the past 10 years by the WWF. On February 2 – World Wetlands Day environmentalists pointed out that till recently some 80% of these..

published on 2/11/18 9:45 AM

Balchik University Botanical Garden gathers seeds of 230 plant species for global exchange

The Balchik University Botanical Garden has gathered seeds of 230 plant species for global scientific exchange throughout 2018. The already proclaimed INDEX SEMINUM 2018 describes the specific microclimate conditions for the growing of the..

published on 2/10/18 1:10 PM

Golden Grapes Wine Festival held in Melnik

Melnik is the Bulgarian town known for one of the best wines produced in this country – Mavrud. The southern town’s largest festival, Golden Grapes is devoted to winemaking as well. Traditionally it is held mid-February and its goal is to present..

published on 2/10/18 1:00 PM

Pleven hosts biggest international apiculture fair in the region

On occasion of the Bee-keeper Day (Februray10) when the Orthodox Church honors St Haralampius the city of Pleven hosts the biggest international apiculture fair organized by the people employed in this sector. This year a total of 170 companies..

published on 2/10/18 7:45 AM

Balkan Developments

EC ready to help Romania fight corruption The European Commission offered assistance to Bucharest in relation to the adoption of controversial changes in anti-corruption legislation. The events that took place in the past 12 months raised..

published on 2/8/18 2:38 PM

Protest supporting Pirin National Park spreads outside Bulgaria

“Our protest is for the Pirin National Park, but also against corruption at all levels, against dependent politicians who wouldn’t like to obey the law. This is also a protest against lawlessness. Because the Pirin Mountain and its saving..

published on 2/8/18 1:47 PM

World record attempt, deadly tricks in Encho Keryazov’s circus show

In a magic night, full of stars, the ceiling will turn into a dome. When the music explodes and the lights fаll into billions of colorful pieces, then we know – circus is here! Spiderman, a living torpedo and a deadly crossbow shooter..

published on 2/6/18 2:45 PM

Balkan Developments

EC plans to speed up Western Balkans EU accession Referring to information from a leaked report of the European Commission, Die Welt reports that the Commission plans to speed up EU accession of Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina,..

published on 2/5/18 1:03 PM