Parliamentary stenographer Karamfil Matev: shorthand is not merely boutique profession

You are a student who does consecutive interpreting or has to make shorthand notes. Then, start learning stenography. It will be your indispensable assistant. The Chairman of the National Association of Stenographers, Typists and Computer..

published on 4/7/18 8:00 AM

Ancient dyeing egg techniques survive today

The symbolism of the egg has not changed for centuries. The earliest ostrich eggs decorated with etching were found in Africa, have an estimated age of about 60,000 years and were used as a dear present. Gold and silver eggs were part of the..

published on 4/7/18 8:00 AM

Balkan Developments

Western Balkans won’t be closer to EU accession at the end of Bulgarian Presidency, Krasimir Uzunov says “The relations between Kosovo and Serbia will continue to follow that tiny thread where everyone demonstrates muscles,” head and owner of..

published on 4/5/18 12:44 PM

Jubilee edition of Easter children’s festival in Bosilegrad, Serbia

Bosilegrad is a town in Serbia, on the border between Bulgaria and Serbia, with a predominantly Bulgarian population, where people have preserved their Bulgarian identity, their traditions and their language. For many years Bulgarian..

published on 4/5/18 10:00 AM

Bleak demographics: Europe’s population dwindles fast, Bulgaria’s even faster

Recently the Institute for Population and Human Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has made public a report which argues that until 2040 Bulgarians will decline by further 20-25 percent. Based on data from the National Statistical..

published on 4/4/18 11:21 AM

"Treatment without Borders" helps Bulgarians who are being treated abroad

Volunteer organization "Treatment without Borders" has existed for four years but has already helped more than 200 Bulgarians during their hospital stay abroad. Although not many people know it, this is the largest non-governmental organization..

published on 4/3/18 1:52 PM

Balkan Developments

This week Macedonia expects recommendation for EU accession negotiations The government of the Republic of Macedonia expects a clear recommendation for opening negotiations for accession to the European Union, Deputy Prime Minister Bujar..

published on 4/2/18 1:27 PM

The memory of Sofia embroidery patterns

An exhibition has opened in Sofia with the motto “The memory of Sofia embroidery patterns” dedicated to the 90 th anniversary of the Regional Museum of History in the capital city. The display features a diverse heritage of embroidery work made..

published on 3/31/18 8:00 AM
Village of Chudintsi, Kyustendil region, southwest Bulgaria

The Invisibles' stories

December 2016 data of the National Statistical Institute displayed a total of 566 villages with one-digit number of population. There are another 157 settlements without a single inhabitant. We have been witnessing the sustainable decline of..

published on 3/30/18 1:26 PM

Balkan Developments

European Court of Auditors assesses management of funds for Syrian refugees in Turkey The European Court of Auditors announced that it wouldassess the management of EU funds provided to Turkey for Syrian refugees. The results will be..

published on 3/29/18 1:17 PM