Balkan Developments

Turkey may activate Plan B for Cyprus Turkey is to activate Plan B in an attempt to upgrade the international status of the occupied northern part of Cyprus after the failed talks to reunify Cyprus earlier this month, the Greek newspaper..

published on 7/31/17 11:58 AM

To protect bees we need to rectify human actions

Bees are one of the wonders of nature. Their home – the hive – is a smooth-running machine, in which everyone knows their place and obligations. The hierarchy is rigorous and is respected by all. The hexagonal cells that make up the..

published on 7/28/17 12:40 PM

Mobile application helps expose illegal logging and law violations in forests

Logging is a serious problem across Bulgarian forests which wouldn’t stop causing alarm among the society, as well as among environmentalists, foresters and state institutions. Data of environmental organizations says that some 1% of the..

published on 7/27/17 1:00 PM

Balkan Developments

Bulgaria-Macedonia good neighbour agreement will boost the economy in the region “The agreement of good neighbourhood, friendship and cooperation with Bulgaria is a new spirit of a new generation of politicians who are building..

published on 7/27/17 11:37 AM

“Sand Tales, 2017” sand sculpture festival in Bourgas open until end-September

A total of 21 sand sculpture artists from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, Latvia, Portugal and Russia are displaying their works at the 10th Festival of Sand Figures – Sand Tales, 2017 - which opened in Ezero..

published on 7/26/17 1:43 PM

Reading books in the summer: the choices of Bulgarians

Talking to Horizont Channel of the Bulgarian National Radio, Lyudmila Elenkova from the leading chain of bookstores Helikon provides us with some insights about the Bulgarians’ choice of reading stuff this summer: “ Camino Island by John..

published on 7/26/17 11:52 AM

'Give a book’ volunteers help children without parents learn how to read

School exercises can be fun when you have a real friend next to you who could help you solve the difficult problems and understand complicated phrases that were put in lessons seemingly in order to make one’s life harder. Helping is the mission..

published on 7/26/17 11:36 AM

Balkan Developments

Court trial against 17 journalists from Cumhuriyet is given start The Cumhuriyet reports that a court trial kicks off today in Turkey against 17 of the newspaper’s journalists, arrested last October within the frameworks of the state of..

published on 7/24/17 1:01 PM

Authentic North Bulgarian wedding in Arbanasi breaks Guinness record

Close to 4000 Bulgarians in folk costumes met in Arbanasi near Veliko Tarnovo for the culmination of the Boyar Get-Together, an authentic North Bulgarian wedding. The event has broken the Guinness record from two years ago for the most..

published on 7/23/17 6:20 PM

Devora and David share food, time and love with elderly people

Feeding your neighbor’s soul does not always require big efforts. It is enough to be open to others and walk the first steps with a lot of faith. Devora and David are two unusual Bulgarians, just like their names. Each week the young couple..

published on 7/23/17 8:00 AM