Bold and adventurous cat Heidi now hit online

One can spot their traces up in the mountain snow – the large footsteps of a grown man and the delicate holes that only cat paws can leave. The duo is inseparable in its passion for travels. Danail Neshev and his cat Heidi..

published on 3/12/17 9:10 AM

Go-ahead principal creates school of future in village of Bel Kamen

There is this certain type of people who see their professional duty as a mission and we won’t exaggerate if we call them apostles. Teacher of chemistry and biology Alish Vakliov in the village of Bel Kamen, Yakoruda Municipality, now..

published on 3/11/17 11:20 AM

News Remission - the much needed campaign in the murky media environment in Bulgaria

The murky media environment in Bulgaria has been raising a host of questions. The fact that it is not known who owns so many of the media outlets as well as the interests they so obviously cater for, has undermined confidence in them, bringing..

published on 3/10/17 2:44 PM
Christo Komarnitski (left), Ivan Bakalov and Tchavdar Nikolov

#Who swiped the circulation of the paper of the rude cartoonists?

A crowd has gathered in the centre of Sofia, people are jostling to get to a newspaper, the very last copies of which are being given out by a cartoonist. A scene that seems to be set in 1990, when the first opposition newspaper appeared in..

published on 3/10/17 10:28 AM
Father Ivan from Novi Han

Charity is about giving, not about showing off

“Cure the body and the soul, but also help the poor and the needy,” such is the mission of a doctor, as Doctor Hristo Alexiev sees it. For 37 years the surgeon has been living and working in Germany. Besides to his work, he also devotes time..

published on 3/9/17 3:05 PM

Balkan Developments

Conflict of powers in Romania still ongoing The parliament of Romania and the administration of President Klaus Iohannis have had an exchange of reproaches and have thus showed that the dispute over the separation of powers in that country..

published on 3/9/17 2:02 PM

The European Union: the ambition of a great project

Created in the wake of dramatic events on Europe's stage, the European Union has been faced today by a wave of skepticism which has been strong enough to question this great project. This necessitates a fresh look at the goals and values that we..

published on 3/9/17 1:31 PM

Diana Hristova, gymnastics instructor: Every woman holds a fascination of her own

We all probably know that the origins of women’s day, 8 March go back to the protest by seamstresses in New York in 1857. But did you know that Bulgaria is one of the first countries to have started marking it as the day of women – in 1911, just..

published on 3/8/17 1:52 PM

‘Mountain storm’ at environmental ministry

The first clash of the caretaker government with the public discontent is now a fact. A true storm emerged over the last few days at the environmental ministry due to the update of the Management Plan of the Pirin National Park covering the..

published on 3/7/17 1:58 PM

Awards for Worthy Bulgarians

Every year the 24 Hours daily distinguishes people with big hearts who have saved human lives, helped other people in distress, did good for the society. The Worthy Bulgarians of the Year initiative was started back in 2003. A total of..

published on 3/7/17 11:49 AM