Pooh the cat given new paws and new lease of life

With the curiosity of a traveller he used to wander all day long and fight in battles. But one night he barely managed to make his way back to the house and collapsed. Brave black and white Pooh the cat was defeated for the first time. Pooh..

published on 2/8/17 11:54 AM

Children's Academy engages in sentimental education and supports the family

„How can we manage our emotions at moments of stress, conflict or strain?” This is a question that psychologists, pedagogues and more often than not writers try to answer. Scholars have found proof that awareness and control of emotions lie at the..

published on 2/7/17 1:19 PM

Balkan Developments

Half a million take part in protest in Bucharest on Sunday night Even though the contentious government decree, decriminalizing certain corruption practices was repealed, more than half a million took part in Sunday night’s protest in..

published on 2/6/17 2:34 PM
The poetry reading at Sofia Sinagogue

Hate is lack of imagination

The famous quotation of Graham Greene was the slogan of a compelling literary evening at the Sofia Sinagogue. Gregorij von Leitis and Michael Lahr read verses of a Nazi Germany concentration camp’s prisoners. The translation into Bulgarian had..

published on 2/6/17 11:45 AM

Greek farmers once again create tension along Bulgarian border

It has become a habit for Greek farmers to protest and make camps along the Bulgarian border; and make threats for blockades with tractors and other agricultural machinery. The protesters call against the tax policy of Athens and therefore..

published on 2/5/17 3:04 PM

Foster care - loving without owning

Is foster care a profession or a mission? Are we ready to take care, protect and give our love to a child temporarily? Do people have to possess certain skills and qualification, in order to become foster parents? Do children in foster care have..

published on 2/4/17 9:30 AM

Village of Brodilovo happy with young organic farmer, owning Wales diploma

We are made to live in freedom and it’s up to us to use or not this precious gift. Vasil Morfov knows how to make a choice – to go to Wales, to earn a degree in marketing, to work a bit in London. Then to return with the idea to do business..

published on 2/3/17 3:25 PM

Bulgaria with last-minute election problems

The registration of political parties and coalitions for the forthcoming early Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria began on February 2 and will last until February 8. It is important for the society to know the number of  the parties..

published on 2/3/17 12:17 PM

Balkan Developments

Tension again in Aegean Sea Greek media alarm that Turkish jet fighters have started new provocations over the Aegean Sea, in the area of the Imia/Kardak islets. Tension in the region has escalated since Sunday, as Turkish military..

published on 2/2/17 1:43 PM
A memorial in Sofia of the victims of the Communist regime

Nation that is unaware of its history is doomed to repeat it

In 2017 the world marks 28 years since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. Many of the crimes and repressions of the regime still remain unrevealed. Bulgaria has been imprisoned within the vicious circle of its own past over these nearly..

published on 2/1/17 12:28 PM