Balkan Developments

Zoran Zaev becomes Macedonia prime minister The parliament of Macedonia has appointed a new government of that country led by the leader of the Social-Democratic Union Zoran Zaev. The new government of Macedonia is expected to spell the end of..

published on 6/1/17 1:30 PM

Meadows in the Mountains: In search of the perfect atmosphere

Polkovnik Serafimovo is a typical Rhodope village – it attracts visitors with the beauty of nature, tranquility and fresh air. But it is also relatively deserted because of the demographic processes typical for the region, the difficult life in..

published on 6/1/17 11:23 AM

To terminate Radio Bulgaria or not – the jury is still out

The Bulgarian National Radio’s Horizont channel aired an interview, live, with BNR Director General Alexander Velev and the chair of Radio Bulgaria’s editorial staff panel Daniela Konstantinova on the plans by the BNR management to close down Radio..

published on 6/1/17 11:14 AM

The Starling student club teaches children not to be afraid of animals

Starling – the songster that is so common to forests in this country – has given its name to a student club of biologists and nature lovers. In their interpretation Starling or SKORETS in Bulgarian is an acronym meaning: Student Club of..

published on 5/29/17 2:20 PM

Balkan Developments

Nimetz calls on Skopje and Athens to resolve name dispute “A solution to the name issue should be high on the agenda of the new government in Macedonia,” the United Nations Special Representative for the naming dispute between Greece and the..

published on 5/29/17 1:27 PM

Bulgarian woman’s beauty through Radoslav Parvanov’s lens

I Am A Bulgarian Woman is the name of photographer Radoslav Parvanov’s latest exhibition. He has captured the images of 25 young Bulgarian women in traditional folklore clothing, shot at spots of cultural and historical significance...

published on 5/28/17 8:45 AM

In the footsteps of Hristo Botev’s revolutionary band from Kozloduy to Okolchitsa

In the distant 1876, on the night of May 17, a group of Bulgarian revolutionaries started their way from the Romanian Danubian town of Giurgiu to Bulgaria suffering five centuries of Ottoman rule. The revolutionary band was headed by poet..

published on 5/27/17 1:50 PM

European festival to open in Vancouver

Today, the 20th edition of the annual European Festival opens in the Canadian town of Vancouver. More than 30 European countries, including Bulgaria Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Albania, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova and Turkey. The festival takes..

published on 5/27/17 10:40 AM

Small Bulgarian village of Seidol has its unusual school

Being an innovator with non-standard ideas is more of an obstacle in this country than an advantage, especially in the rigid system of education. In major urban schools, innovation most often comes from outside, in the form of participation in..

published on 5/27/17 9:35 AM

“Former people” according to State Security classification exist even today

The premiere of a new book entitled “Former People according to State Security Classification” brought together hundreds of people who still crave for justice because of the unpunished crimes of communism. The book’s first print run has been sold..

published on 5/26/17 1:01 PM