Balkan Developments

President “must be born in Turkey” condition to change The law proposed by the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey that “the head of state does not have to be born in Turkey” was adopted by the Parliamentary Constitution Committee,..

published on 12/29/16 11:30 AM

Balkan Developments

UN accuses Balkan countries of illegal return of migrants The United Nations Refugee Agency has sounded the alarm that Balkan countries have systematically and illegally been deporting migrants from among those striving to reach Europe along..

published on 12/27/16 12:22 PM

Warm up your soul on the ice rink

Freedom, passion, high adrenaline and love was what I felt when I first stepped on the ice skating rink. Although each beginning is difficult, I knew that I would bear skating forever in my heart. When I gained some experience, I was not afraid..

published on 12/26/16 10:10 AM

Bulgaria and Mongolia put up monument to Cyrillic alphabet in Antarctica

The Cyrillic alphabet will have a monument in Antarctica and the idea for this belongs to Bulgaria and Mongolia. Mongolia’s involvement may seem strange to some, but it should be remembered that it is one of few non-Slavic nations that uses the..

published on 12/25/16 11:15 AM

Priest Nikolay: Children of prisoners are not guilty, but suffer more

On Christmas when people raise their eyes to the sky, children expect the sled of Santa Claus to pass through the dark clouds. But sometimes in his hurry the good old man does not visit some children. Then good people help him in his job and..

published on 12/24/16 11:35 AM

Join our Bread Therapy

Bread is a symbol of home, love and peace. It is a nutritious food, but can help us, too. We create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere for people through kneading, the project coordinator at the Bread Houses network Zdrava Vodenicharova told Radio..

published on 12/24/16 8:35 AM

Daniela Sadikova and Boyana Kotseva: sport promotes social inclusion of children with disabilities

“Children with severe impairments usually spend most of their time at home and are not engaged with any activities. However, sport helps them become independent to some extent, have more self-confidence and be less dependent on their parents...

published on 12/23/16 1:29 PM

Balkan Developments

Russian ambassador’s assassin has guarded President Erdogan The young Turkish policeman Mevlut Mert Altintas who shot and killed Russia’s Ambassador Andrey Karlov in Ankara on Monday, was part of the security detail of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan..

published on 12/22/16 1:38 PM

Sofia enjoys Santa Claus tram before holidays

A Christmas retro tram has been transporting passengers in the city of Sofia. Children ride the tram for free during the whole week before Christmas, as the route starts from Vazrazhdane Square, passes through Garibaldi and Slaveykov squares and..

published on 12/22/16 12:57 PM

Healer and warrior Petar Dimkov

On 19 December Bulgaria marked the 130th birth anniversary of famous healer Petar Dimkov. Fate gifted the man with the ability to help the others. He grew up in the family of a priest and a well-known medicaster. In 1899 he went to St...

published on 12/20/16 12:09 PM