Bulgarian forest is my whole life, Bai Hazim from the village of Lyulyakovo says

People call him Bai Hazim the Forester as a respect to his 30-year-long service to the Bulgarian forest. For me the forest is my whole life, he says. I go to the woods every day as a doctor and look for erosion and pests and then I report to..

published on 4/11/17 3:37 PM

On how photographing invisible things can repair building

To take a picture of what’s invisible and to repair a building this way – it sounds as abstract as Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. However, students from the Sofia High School of Mathematics have proven that it is all possible. They..

published on 4/11/17 1:37 PM

Balkan Developments

Greece to implement additional austerity measures After last week Greece and its creditors reached a breakthrough in talks on releasing the next transfer of the country’s bailout, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that Athens would..

published on 4/10/17 2:18 PM

Sofia Botanical Garden dressed up for Palm Sunday

The spring has arrived – anticipated, sunlit, warm and crisp. Nature has woken up for new life and this is comes with new ideas about ways to spend weekends and holidays in the open. The sun has banished the grey hues of winter and blooming spring..

published on 4/9/17 10:10 AM

Bulgarian product raises children’s interest towards mathematics

Students who are impatient for the maths class to start – this is the result of the Jumpido system, created by Kiril Rusev, Deyan Russev and Nikola Kosev. More about the system from Kiril: “Jumpido is an educational system that facilitates..

published on 4/9/17 9:35 AM
Nevena Mitropolitska

The thousand faces of Bulgaria’s transition period through the eyes of a migrant

‘Tomorrow Starts as of Today’ was the slogan, carrying the spirit of the first years after the 1989 fall of the communist totalitarian regime in Bulgaria. Despite the tough path towards democracy Nevena Mitropolitska could never picture a..

published on 4/8/17 10:05 AM

Caritas sends volunteers to classrooms to teach refugee children Bulgarian

As long as the state continues to be negligent of its responsibility to refugees, not to mention the repeal of the ordinance on their integration, Bulgaria runs the risk of being penalized by the EU. As long as the prosecutor’s office refuses..

published on 4/7/17 1:35 PM

Balkan Developments

Greece to demand Eurozone summit if bailout talks fail The President of the European Council Donald Tusk and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras have discussed in Athens the refugee crisis, Cyprus peace talks, terrorism threats in Europe,..

published on 4/6/17 2:10 PM

Natura 2000 – Bulgarian style or why griffon vultures are vanishing from the Bulgarian lands, again

Kresna Gorge is an area that is exceedingly rich in different wild flora and fauna species, part of Natura 2000. Birdlife International describes it as an essential ornithological zone. Bulgarian environmentalists have every reason to feel proud..

published on 4/6/17 1:16 PM

Japanese cherries’ scent now felt in Sofia

As it is springtime, Tokyo has officially unveiled the blossoming season of the sakura – the Japanese tender pink cherry blossom tree, which is considered to be the symbol of the country. The event was a festive occasion for the 138 th high..

published on 4/5/17 1:11 PM