1,300 students submit essays in “Your 25 reasons to choose Bulgaria” contest

Besides the traditional martenitsas - which people give one another on March 1 for health and luck – the first day of March brought 25 young Bulgarians awards in an essay competition “Your 25 reasons to choose Bulgaria”. The essay contest and the number..

published on 3/6/18 2:18 PM

Bulgarian scientists discover 86 million-year-old plant remains on Antarctica

The current Bulgarian expedition to Antarctica has been carrying out the most thorough research in the area of the Hannah Point, situated 12.5 km away from this country’s base. The geologists have worked on the most northerly territory, free from..

published on 3/5/18 9:05 AM

Story of Tombul Mosque restoration, of time and people

Shumen is a town known as one of the centers of the Bulgarian National Revival with its cultural and spiritual life, and where the spirit of past times can still be felt. If you go along the cobblestone street of "Tsar Osvoboditel"..

published on 3/5/18 8:35 AM

Tour around Vidin with Volen Antov

The town of Vidin situated in Bulgaria’s northwest, on the Danube River, emerged in the 3 rd century BC as an ancient Celtic fortress under the name Dunonia. The Romans conquered the fortress in the 1 st century AD and renamed it to..

published on 3/4/18 8:00 AM

National holiday and Bulgaria’s symbol – chain dance in the square

Bulgarians across over 40 cities worldwide gather for their colorful chain dance on March 3 rd – their National Liberation Day. Representatives of Bulgarian communities even at the remotest spots of the globe will show that they are ready for this..

published on 3/3/18 11:30 AM

Defenders of Stara Zagora 1877 memorial complex – forever immortal feat

The battle on Stara Zagora on 19 July 1877 during the 1877 – 1878 Russo – Turkish War was one of the most epic and tragic at the same time events. The Turkish army won then and mass slaughters of the population followed, burning down the town...

published on 3/3/18 11:25 AM

Skiers in national folklore costumes down along slope from Snejanka tower on March 3rd

The 140 th anniversary of Bulgaria’s Liberation will be marked in an untraditional and patriotic manner at the Pamporovo winter resort in the Rhodope Mountain. The different thing will be that everyone will wear authentic folklore clothing..

published on 3/3/18 10:00 AM

Commemorating medics fallen in 1877–1878 Russo-Turkish War

On the eve of Bulgaria Liberation’s 140 th anniversary the Bulgarian Red Cross and the National Guards Unit of Bulgaria organized a commemoration ceremony in front of the Doctor’s Monument downtown Sofia. It is devoted to those medics who fell..

published on 3/2/18 2:54 PM

Balkan Developments

Juncker urges Kosovo to ratify border demarcation agreement with Montenegro Within the frameworks of his visit to the Western Balkans the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker called on Kosovo to ratify the border..

published on 3/1/18 1:37 PM

In Bulgaria people welcome spring with martenitsa

When does spring come? When the sun melts the last   snowflakes or when the storks return from warmer countries? If you ask Bulgarians, they will tell you that spring arrives on the first of March, even if everything is still covered in snow..

published on 3/1/18 8:45 AM