Challenges to present-day journalism training as seen by students from SEE

The digital revolution, the economic crisis and the growing influence of social media represent the biggest challenges to traditional media outlets. Seeking to encourage dialogue on these burning issues, the Media Program Southeast Europe of..

published on 4/4/17 12:08 PM

Balkan Developments

Aleksandar Vucic wins presidential elections in Serbia The leader of the Serbian Progressive Party and prime minister of the country Aleksandar Vucic won the presidential election in the first round, with over 55 percent of the votes, among 11..

published on 4/3/17 1:40 PM

What being a mountain guide implies

The small village of Cherni Osam is located at the foot of Ambaritsa Peak, part of the Central Balkan Range. The local school Vasil Levski has a 137-year long history. Since 2000, there has been a class that trains mountain guides. This..

published on 4/2/17 9:25 AM

Actor Nikolay Nikolaev laughs to cure Bulgaria’s future

Beloved by several generations of Bulgarians actor Nikolay Nikolaev, has often been seen in the role of the clown Dr. Koko, who helps the treatment of seriously ill children in the Pirogov Hospital with his laughter and tricks. Nikolay is a..

published on 4/1/17 8:10 AM

Bulgarians get a price clout – how will they fare?

As of today, 1 April, the price of natural gas in Bulgaria is up by… 30 percent, no joke there. However, Bulgaria is not the cause of this record-breaking price hike, Gazprom is. The Russian supplier meets 90 percent of this country’s gas demand...

published on 4/1/17 7:00 AM

Tales in the Dark

What would our life be like if we were visually impaired or disabled? Every time when I come upon such people I ask myself that question and the fair answer is that I wouldn’t probably make it even in the course of few days. The fear of the dark..

published on 3/31/17 11:58 AM

Balkan Developments

Turkey warns EU not to interfere with referendum Ankara has warned the EU not to interfere with the referendum in Turkey over changing the constitution and increasing the powers of President Erdogan. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim added that..

published on 3/30/17 12:24 PM

Balkan Developments

There would be war in the Balkans if EU collapses: Jean Claude Juncker “There would be a war in the Balkans if the EU collapses”, the President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker said in an interview for the US newspaper Financial..

published on 3/27/17 2:56 PM

Bulgarian chocolate with augmented reality makes holidays sweeter

The Bulgarian company iGreet which gained huge popularity on the market with its innovative greeting cards has recently surprised all chocolate fans with a chocolate bar with augmented reality. This is the perfect present for any festive event..

published on 3/26/17 9:35 AM

Earth Hour: Switch off the lights, open your eyes

Global warming, pollution, urbanization and human activity are the main causes of environmental problems on a global scale. That is why numerous environmental protection initiatives are launched every year to remind the human race just how..

published on 3/25/17 7:30 AM