Balkan Developments

Greek island of Samothraki in state of emergency Storms accompanied by heavy rains have flooded the Greek island of Samothraki. Firefighters and army personnel were urgently transferred to the island and a state of emergency declared. The..

published on 9/28/17 12:26 PM

Mother-tongue study for Bulgarians in Ukraine looks like being guaranteed, for now

At the end of last week the President of the National Assembly Dimitar Glavchev received, from the local authorities and members of the Bulgarian community in the town of Primorsk, assurances that the new education law in Ukraine will not affect..

published on 9/26/17 12:31 PM

Risks of life in digital era

The Sofia City Library hosted an international conference subjected Children in the Digital Era. The University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ULSIT) was the organizer of the event under the auspices of EU Commissioner for..

published on 9/26/17 9:30 AM

Balkan Developments

Romanian president cancels Ukraine visit Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has said he has annulled his visit to Ukraine planned for October, as well as a meeting in Bucharest with the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, as a token of..

published on 9/25/17 1:30 PM

Bulgaria’s Independence Day – yesterday and nowadays

People used to call September 22 “The Tsar’s Holiday”, as that was the date back in 1908 when then Prince Ferdinand read the historical manifest to the people, officially proclaiming the overthrowing of the vassal dependence on the Ottoman..

published on 9/22/17 8:00 AM

Balkan Developments

New migrant routes through Bulgaria and Romania New migrant routes across Bulgaria and Romania have been appearing in the Balkans, said Austria’s Defence Minister Hans Peter Doskozil in an interview for the German newspaper Die Welt, adding..

published on 9/21/17 1:31 PM

Eco-municipality competition – promoting efficient and sustainable resources management in Bulgaria

In recent years a great many municipalities in Bulgaria have been making progress in water management, waste management, mobility and energy efficiency in buildings. There is a competition that promotes excellence in these spheres – the..

published on 9/20/17 9:30 AM

Young people are the key to change in education system

The system does not allow changing the status quo. It does not need any peaks and exceptions that may become norms in the course of time, Bulgaria’s former Ambassador to Russia Ilian Vassilev said in a comment about that country’s education...

published on 9/19/17 12:43 PM

School repeats teaching methods from previous historical epochs, Ognyan Minchev says

The Bulgarian school is in a crisis due to deficits, related to its funding, system of values and the building of trust. Yet another schoolyear starts with this snapshot of political scientist Ognyan Minchev, raising the everlasting question –..

published on 9/18/17 12:25 PM

Balkan developments

Ankara prepares action plan in connection with independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan On September 22 Turkey is to announce an action plan with relation to the referendum for independence in Iraq’s Kurdish region, Turkeys’ President Recep Tayyip..

published on 9/18/17 11:49 AM