Balkan Developments

Albania prevents several terrorist attacks Albania has prevented several terrorist attacks thanks to its military intelligence, Defense Minister Mimi Kodeli revealed. During her meeting with CIA Director John Brennan in Tirana earlier this..

published on 12/19/16 11:18 AM

Poverty deprives 1/3 of Bulgarians from Internet and computers

Bulgaria ranks among the first in the world when speed and quality of cheap internet access is concerned. At the same time, statistics show that this technological achievement of the modern world, without which life and business today are..

published on 12/18/16 12:09 PM

Donkey Museum and donkey football in Bulgaria’s Gourkovo

Long before quidditch emerged in the magical world of Harry Potter, residents of a small Bulgarian municipality transformed the strict rules of football into something more attractive. From the back of their long-eared animals they started..

published on 12/18/16 9:55 AM

Bulgarian embroidery adorns designer cake in… Canada

What would it be like to be living in a world where everything around is made of sugar, chocolate or biscuits? Like in the witch's house from the Grimm Brothers’ tale of Hansel and Gretel? Many have asked themselves that at least once in their..

published on 12/17/16 9:35 AM

Online register presents Sofia’s monuments

There are around 2,000 monuments, sculptures and bas-reliefs in Sofia, commemorating outstanding individuals and significant events. Some we pass by every day and know well, others we are not aware even exist. Until recently any information about..

published on 12/16/16 1:16 PM

Balkan Developments

Croatia blocks Serbia’s EU accession negotiations Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic announced that Serbia had opened two more chapters in its EU accession negotiations, though not chapter 26 pertaining to education, due to disagreement from..

published on 12/15/16 3:42 PM

Craft beer becoming hit among young Bulgarians

The global trend of craft-brewing has also been going strong in Bulgaria for several years now and this is a country known with its wine and rakia traditions. Gourmet Publishing, who are organizers of the first ever in Bulgaria Craft Beer Taste event,..

published on 12/15/16 3:13 PM
Maria Pachkova and Ventsislav Nikolov

Radio Bulgaria receives Bridging Cultures award of the Association of Spanish-speaking Journalists in Bulgaria

The Association of Spanish-speaking Journalists in Bulgaria, in partnership with the Union of Bulgarian Journalists, held its Worlds and Colours journalistic publications competition for the fourth consecutive year. The award ceremony was..

published on 12/15/16 3:11 PM

Balkan Developments

Twin bomb attacks in Istanbul Two bomb explosions in Istanbul on Saturday cost the lives of close to 40 and wounded more than 150. The Kurdistan Freedom Hawks, an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) claimed responsibility for the..

published on 12/12/16 1:26 PM

Warrior art, Miroslav Lesichkov and his traditional survival wisdom

“Knight” is a word that immediately brings to mind a man in shining armour brandishing a sword. Many have had childhood dreams of being “knights” and “conquering” castles or fighting imaginary dragons, many have drawn inspiration from books..

published on 12/11/16 9:05 AM