Poland is now Bulgaria’s main wine export market

After losing the Russian market for most Bulgarian products traditionally exported there, among them wine, now wine exports have largely turned to Poland, indicate National Statistical Institute data for the 2011 – 2015 period. In that time,..

published on 1/31/17 1:45 PM

Balkan Developments

Protests in Romania against plans to pardon criminals Tens of thousands of Romanians protested in Bucharest and other major cities against the government's plans to pardon thousands of criminals. The project, presented earlier this..

published on 1/30/17 1:43 PM
The holders of the award of Sofia City Library - Reader of the Year 2016

Book reading as a delight to the senses but also as a way to win… prizes

“My home is where my library is,” these words belong to one of the most cosmopolitan figures in human history – Erasmus of Rotterdam. Because of his pursuit of knowledge, he refused to be described as a nationalist and considered Latin to be..

published on 1/29/17 9:35 AM

Mid-winter counting of waterbirds in Bulgaria

The numbers of waterbirds in the world have been monitored since 1967. This census is deemed one of the most large-scale nature conservation events, with more than 15,000 people taking part. It is conducted simultaneously across the whole of..

published on 1/28/17 9:10 AM

The National Polytechnic Museum and the secrets of technology and its history in Bulgaria

The purpose of the National Polytechnic Museum’s existence is to help present Bulgaria’s scientific and technological heritage in a way that is intriguing and comprehensible. A place to see how technology has developed. The museum showcases..

published on 1/27/17 1:21 PM

Bulgaria adopts stringent measures against dangerous drivers

The latest amendments to the Road Traffic Act entered into force in the beginning of this week in Bulgaria. They envisage unprecedented penalties, fines and sanctions against dangerous drivers. The greater part of the Bulgarian society has..

published on 1/27/17 12:41 PM
BNR Director General Alexander Velev hands the Sirak Skitnik Grand Prix to Tomas Sprostranov

Toma Sprostranov is this year’s winner of the BNR Sirak Skitnik Grand Prix

Birthdays are a good time to take a look back at past achievements. But when it is the birthday of the oldest broadcast media in the country – the Bulgarian National Radio – there is so much more to remember from times gone by. That includes..

published on 1/26/17 1:37 PM

Balkan Developments

Belgrade-Pristina talks to open Serbia and Kosovo are going to hold a series of high-level talks. This decision was made at the first round of the summit talks of Pristina and Belgrade with the mediation of EU. Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic has..

published on 1/26/17 1:11 PM

Bulgarian yoghurt Trimona conquers US dairy market

The Bulgarian yoghurt Trimona topped the Best New Dairy Products ranking in the USA organized by Dairy Foods. Earlier, that Bulgarian yoghurt also received positive comments. Two years ago Trimona reached the final stage of the American Made..

published on 1/26/17 10:10 AM

Snow day on Mount Vitosha

Snow in heaps, sun and a cloudless sky drew thousands of people to celebrate World Snow Day for the second year running, up on Mount Vitosha. The initiative, celebrated by hundreds of renowned winter resorts in 46 countries around the world, aims..

published on 1/24/17 10:31 AM