What kind of Europe does Bulgaria’s youth want?

President of the EP Antonio Tajani had a debate with high school and university students at the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. The meeting was part of the EP Conference of the EP Presidents’ working visit to Bulgaria’s capital due to..

published on 11/23/17 1:58 PM

Balkan Developments

Exclusion of terrorist elements from the process of solving the problems in Syria will remain Turkey’s priority: Recep Erdogan The exclusion from the process of solving the problems in Syria of terrorist elements which target the territorial..

published on 11/23/17 12:12 PM

Lawyer Martin Petrov with a new mission in life – to help children find their place in society

More and more Bulgarian emigrants have been returning to the country in recent years, though in most cases they remain mere statistics – how many people have landed at airports in Bulgaria. Yet some of them have been through a lot and have lived..

published on 11/23/17 9:35 AM

Societies which invest in education now, will live a rich life in the future

Education and its problems frequently come up in the news, invariably sparking a host of polarized opinions. But discussions always come down to one thing – that more and more must be invested in education. This is the conclusion reached by journalists..

published on 11/21/17 11:51 AM

Dr. Enno Aufderheide: When young scientists never return to their country, that is already dangerous

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, an organization which promotes international academic cooperation was conferred the highest Bulgarian institutional distinction – the honorary badge of the President. Bulgaria’s head of state Rumen Radev..

published on 11/20/17 12:56 PM

Balkan developments

EU cuts financial aid for Turkey The European Parliament and the EU member states have agreed on the budget of the European Union for 2018. According to the provisional budget, the financial aid for Turkey will be reduced by EUR 105 million...

published on 11/20/17 11:24 AM

Reporters interview Roma with rich experience in fraud

Sitting comfortably, with coffee and a cigarette in hand in one of the Veliko Tarnovo cafes, a man explains before TV show "Lords of the Air" how several years ago he was offered to become head of one of the biggest hospitals in Sofia. The Roma..

published on 11/18/17 10:40 AM

Syrian doctor living and working for 40 years in Bulgaria

For 40 years, a Syrian doctor has been living in Bulgaria and has saved many lives. Dr. Haddad, a native of Damascus, chose to work in the hospital in Gorna Oryahovitsa years ago, leaving a career in a private clinic in Aleppo. He arrived in..

published on 11/17/17 5:55 PM

Bulgaria will not ban diesel and gasoline cars as planned in England and France

Bulgarians prefer driving gasoline vehicles and the 4,000-euro discount on buying new electric vehicle does not motivate people to change their cars. This is an investment that people postpone to the future. These conclusions were made by..

published on 11/17/17 8:35 AM

Sculpture of legendary Czech brewers Prošek Brothers erected downtown Sofia

Near the entrance of the Bulgarian National Television downtown Sofia, on the site where one of the first breweries in Bulgaria used to be, there is already a sculpture and a memorial plaque of brothers Jiří and Bogdan Prošek. The two Czechs are..

published on 11/16/17 2:33 PM