Anti-Bullying Day marked today

Each year the last Wednesday of February is marked as Anti-Bullying Day, aka Pink Shirt Day. It was first held in Canada in 2007 as a protest, organized by two students: David Sheppard and Travis Price, who would dress in pink, thus..

published on 2/28/18 3:27 PM

Children from Bulgaria’s Popovo make martenitsas to help peers with health issues

March 1 is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian holidays as we all put on our clothes white and red tassels as a ritual for good health and as a welcoming to the coming spring. All Bulgarians around the world wear martenitsas on March 1, no..

published on 2/28/18 11:11 AM

Balkan Developments

Jean-Claude Juncker visits six Balkan countries The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker visited Skopje and Tirana within the frameworks of his Balkan tour which continues with talks in Belgrade, Podgorica, Pristina,..

published on 2/26/18 2:20 PM

Campaign of National Network for Children pleads for more humane juvenile justice

The labor educational schools from the socialist era still exist today, although their name has been changed to youth detention centers. A 1958 act says that kids who have escaped from home, or are beggars, tramps, or have stolen food must be..

published on 2/26/18 1:57 PM
Antonio Gruncharov, Workbook CEO

Bulgarian software assists companies in working with documents

If you run a large team of people you have for sure had problems with lost, forgotten or delayed documents waiting for a signature or discussion. A Bulgarian company wants to leave all this trouble in the past. Its objective is to facilitate..

published on 2/25/18 8:25 AM

Ivan and Ivalina’s chocolate kingdom

Chocolate is that irresistible temptation we all love. Each day we steal a minute or two of our precious time in order to immerse ourselves into the cocoa magic. However, there are some people who cannot enjoy chocolate because of allergies..

published on 2/25/18 8:00 AM

The Bulgarian school in Budapest: celebrating its centenary

February 25 marks 100 years since the Bulgarian school in Hungary opened doors in Budapest. On this date, 18 Bulgarian pupils started their classes in the rented premises of the school. We learn more about the history of the institution from..

published on 2/25/18 8:00 AM

Bulgarians in Milan preparing Balkan Spring in White & Red

On February 25 th the Milan Museum of Cultures (MUDEC) will host the Bulgarian Spring in White and Red event. The holiday was first celebrated 5 years ago as a laboratory for creation of Martenitsas (traditional Bulgarian decoration of white..

published on 2/23/18 2:34 PM

Balkan Developments

Aleksandar Vučić: Serbia en route to Europe, but keeps good relations with Russia Serbia is on its way to Europe, but will stick to its policy of friendship and mutual understanding with the Russian Federation, no matter the pressure, Serbian..

published on 2/22/18 12:47 PM
Dr. Sofia Ferdinandova and Dr. Milena Tashkova

Life per Kilo project helps for coping with eating disorders

Can you measure life in kilos? It turns out that one can – if the mirror reflection and the weighing machine fail to meet the mass ideal requirements. Any eating disorder hides some emotional problem and when teenagers are involved then..

published on 2/20/18 2:27 PM