Welcome to Bulgaria! – third promotional video celebrating the Bulgarian spirit and science

The third video , commissioned by the Ministry of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU is now available. It focuses on the spiritual and scientific potential of the nation, with a highlight on the jewel in its crown – the Cyrillic..

published on 5/5/18 10:30 AM

Domestic violence in Bulgaria is underestimated problem displaced by ideological opposition

Would the Istanbul Convention become the first document the ratification of which by all EU Member States would automatically lead to legal recognition of the concept of gender identity and is there an opportunity to revise the convention in order to..

published on 5/4/18 12:15 PM

Science is interesting and inspiring, Bulgarian participants in “Off We Go!” youth science and technology festival prove

Two Bulgarians - Anton Pouliyski from "Drone ARENA" and Filip Panayotov from the Technical University in Sofia, and the student from Ukraine at "Angel Kanchev" University of Rousse Sergey Reshetinski are the winners in the First International Festival..

published on 5/3/18 1:41 PM

Balkan developments

Former Kurdish leader runs for president of Turkey Selahattin Demirtas, the former leader of the Kurdish People’s Democratic Party is running for president of Turkey. Demirtas has been jailedsince November 2016 on charges of being linked..

published on 5/3/18 12:27 PM

EU legislation puts end to food double standard by spring of 2019

Quality of food Bulgarians eat is still different from what is available in supermarkets across Europe. This has been recently shown by a research of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. It covered 53 types of foods and drinks, offered in..

published on 5/2/18 1:28 PM

Village of Parvomaytsi prospers with its hard-working people

Living in a village named after the International Workers’ Day (also known as Labor Day and the Day of International Worker’s Solidarity- May 1) is no joke. And to be a resident of the village of Parvomaytsi (Gorna Oryahovitsa Municipality) is a real..

published on 5/1/18 8:00 AM

Children do have a place in the media, though not as victims for ratings’ sake

Sofia played host to an international conference “Children and the media. A guidebook to ethical reporting”, organized by the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria and the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF)...

published on 4/30/18 1:06 PM

Balkan Developments

Countries from Brdo-Brioni Process expect additional assistance from EU In the final declaration of the meeting of the Brdo-Brioni Process in Skopje the countries from the Western Balkans admitted that rule of law, fundamental human rights,..

published on 4/30/18 12:45 PM

New zoning plan for Bulgaria and why it is necessary

Last week Bulgaria’s Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Nikolay Nankov presented to MPs options for a new zoning plan of Bulgaria. The new plan is not some kind of administrative reform, but a way to eradicate non-conformity with..

published on 4/30/18 11:56 AM

Bessarabian Bulgarians in Brazil or how far do Bulgarian roots reach?

During the 20s of the 20 th century more than 10,000 Bessarabian Bulgarians moved from Romania to Brazil. These were people from villages all across Bessarabia. They were lured to go by tempting offers and stories that “bread was growing on..

published on 4/29/18 9:25 AM