Balkan Developments

Greek police bust migrant trafficking network An international network for trafficking of illegal migrants toward Europe has been busted by the Greek police. A total of 12 people have been nabbed during the operation and those have been taken..

published on 3/6/17 11:59 AM

Plovdiv-based Dea Coffee welcomes guests with coffee design

When you live and work with inspiration you can turn even the most insignificant detail into art. And the secret is treating things with love, watching the world with wide-open eyes and following your own path in life, though it can sometimes turn..

published on 3/5/17 11:40 AM

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences botanical gardens host orchid exhibition

An exhibition of orchids is on at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences botanical gardens until 12 March. There are around 60 species of orchids growing in the wild in Bulgaria, 24 of which are protected under the Biological Diversity Act. Today and on..

published on 3/5/17 7:12 AM

TarnovoRUNs: jogging for health

It is not easy to cement your immunity and stay healthy the whole year. This is the mission of Kalin Vasilev, organizer of TarnovoRUNs, a movement that has gained in popularity of late. It seeks to create an active health promoting environment..

published on 3/4/17 8:50 AM

Balkan Developments

Serbian society views EU as "machine for pressure" The Serbian society views the European Union as a "machine for pressure" on Belgrade to recognize Kosovo, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said during a meeting with..

published on 3/2/17 2:11 PM

Boost of aggression among kids, solution up to parents

Violence and bullying at school are a constant problem, however noticed only when a child gets hurt and media cover the story. The death of an 11-year-old girl after a kick in the stomach in Sofia’s 52 nd primary school is another tragedy..

published on 3/2/17 11:00 AM

Best 2016 IT projects help society, health and science

A world famous software company has recently polled the attitude of tutors across Central Europe on the usage of latest virtual reality /VR/ technologies in classrooms. Almost 50% of the polled support the idea. Teachers aged below 30 show..

published on 2/28/17 11:26 AM

Balkan Developments

Protests in Romania continue for one whole month Thousands of Romanians protested against the country's cabinet on Sunday evening on the Victory Square downtown Bucharest and demanded the resignation of the current government. Police..

published on 2/27/17 11:49 AM

People do not become journalists to be popular; they want to be useful to society

Journalism is not merely a job. It is also a cause and does not suit everyone. Some have the gift and the talent to become the perfect journalists and others don't have those qualities, because they have other vocations in life. It is not enough..

published on 2/26/17 10:35 AM
The great Nasalevtsi oak by the church wall

Bulgarian nominee for European Tree of the Year 2017

Today you are going to hear the story of the venerable sessile oak by the Nasalevtsi church. The tree is over 600 years old and hides centuries of history. Legends say that it is the protector of the community of the Nasalevtsi village, Tran..

published on 2/25/17 12:15 PM