Visiting a Foster Family

Milena and Ivailo Dimitrovi from Sofia have been a family for 15 years now. They have only one son, despite their love for children. Comment on the reasons why is usually avoided. They simply say: “Destiny, as well as social realities in Bulgaria through the..

published on 1/14/10 2:38 PM

European Fest of Healthy Nutrition and Cooking with Children

Chef Zhoro Ivanov expresses smiling dignity with his tall white hat. He is among the participants in the European fest of health nutrition and cooking with children, which has taken place in Sofia for a third year now. The event is under the auspices of the..

published on 1/14/10 2:18 PM

Bankya to build its system of sewers with Euro funds

Bankya is the district with the purest of air near the capital. It is situated only 17 km west from the center of Sofia and in the foothills of Lyulin Mountain. The district is characterized by its mountainous breeze rich in negative ions and most..

published on 1/14/10 2:10 PM

Quality of maternal and child healthcare in Bulgaria

  Though a bit slowly, birth rate in Bulgaria over the last 4 to 5 years has started to pick up. It hit all-time lows in the late 1990s when the country was struck by a major economic turmoil. Today despite of the global economic crisis, the country has..

published on 1/14/10 1:46 PM

Charity in times of crisis

How popular was charity throughout the economic crisis in 2009, what were the donors’ reasons and the sums they gave? Yana Roupeva, a Corporative Services Manager in the “Bulgarian Charity Aid Foundation” /BCAF/ answered our questions. BCAF was established..

published on 1/14/10 1:22 PM

Family budget in times of crisis – priorities and restrictions

The global financial crisis has changed the way of life of many people. The macabre forecasts; the still unclear end of the crisis; the threat of job cuts; unemployment and low incomes have all forced Bulgarians to cut back their family and personal budgets...

published on 1/14/10 12:50 PM

Radio Bulgaria Programme, January 15, 2010 ot denia/Angliiska/5_Petuk/Audio_eng_15_01_10.mp3 Click on the audio icon above to hear a selection of Radio Bulgaria’s programmes in English.

published on 1/14/10 10:16 AM

Bulgarian mothers against GMOs

The proposals for amending Bulgarian Law on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), published on the website of the Ministry of Environment and Waters, prompted sharp criticism on the part of environmentalists and society at large. The Internet forum of..

published on 1/13/10 2:40 PM

Debate on electronic communication bill continues in search of balance between liberty and security of citizens

At the end of 2009, the Bulgarian parliament passed a bill on electronic communication allowing the Interior Ministry to put under direct surveillance internet and mobile phone traffic. The aim of this request which largely curbs the freedom of communication..

published on 1/13/10 1:50 PM

Bulgaria’s European Commissioner-designate: hearing at the European Parliament

Photo:BTA Bulgarian nominee for European Commissioner Rumyana Jeleva had her hearing before the European Parliament on Tuesday. The three hours of questions and answers turned out to be a tough challenge for Mrs. Jeleva and caused critical comments...

published on 1/13/10 1:33 PM