Bulgarian film at the festival in “Antalya” The Bulgarian film “Eastern plays” directed by Kamen Kalev will participate in the competitive programme of the International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. The festival has been held annually since 1963..

published on 10/8/09 3:04 PM

Balkan Developments

Fire-dancing in the list of non-material culture heritage of UNESCO During the 4th regular session of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee for preservation of non-material culture heritage held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the ancient Bulgarian practice of..

published on 10/8/09 3:04 PM

Diana Wallis: “Cooperation between Bulgaria and EP is important for EC changes concerning your country”

At the end of last week, the vice president of EP Diana Wallis visited Bulgaria in order to participate in a conference on European legislation and practices in aid of good management solutions, organized by the Bulgarian Association on European Law. During..

published on 10/8/09 3:04 PM

Boiko Borissov visits Brussels

On September 9 and 10 Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov and cabinet ministers will visit Brussels. This visit takes place in a key moment for the relations between Bulgaria and the EU. What are the expectations from the first official visit abroad of..

published on 10/8/09 3:04 PM

Ireland’s “Yes” to the Lisbon Treaty and Bulgaria

As a result of mutual compromise – both on the part of Ireland and the EU, on Saturday two thirds of the Irish people voted “Yes” to the Lisbon Treaty. This opened the way for the adoption of the so-called “new constitution” of Europe. After the results..

published on 10/8/09 3:04 PM

Bulgarians increasingly attached to all-European family

Europe is a good place to live. Bulgaria has hardly ever made a more sensible geopolitical choice, Bulgarians tend to believe for the most part. Traditionally public support for the European Union is the strongest in Bulgaria (60%) and in our northern..

published on 10/8/09 3:04 PM

Who said life at 80 couldn’t be vigorous?

For many life on retirement means greatly limited social contacts and options for rewarding leisure time. For retired pensioners- members of “Silver Autumn” club intellectual life continues to be as intensive and fascinating as ever after retirement. The..

published on 10/8/09 12:49 PM


  New cases of swine flu in Romania 4 new cases of swine flu have been registered in Romania in the past week. The overall number of infected there has thus risen to 343 people. About 4 mln Romanians are likely to get infected with swine flu in the..

published on 10/8/09 12:21 PM

External monitoring to keep public procurement corruption practices at bay

As of 2010, all public procurement bids, arranged by the Ministry of Defense in Bulgaria will be externally monitored, while contractual parties- Ministry of Defense, supplier firms and organizations such as NATO, EU, the World Bank and others, will be..

published on 10/8/09 11:41 AM

Ever more Bulgarians turn to additional part time employment

Psychologists have for a long time been arguing whether the modern Bulgarian has preserved the traditional Bulgarian hardworking spirit or has grown lazier. Disputes continue but it is a fact that economic dire straits make a growing number of Bulgarians..

published on 10/8/09 10:50 AM