Golden autumn in village of Dzhuliunitsa comes with festival of traditional meals

The pretty village of Dzhuliunitsa (Veliko Tarnovo district) is brimming with abundance in autumn. The village gardens are covered with fruit. Local gardeners contend that the most delicious peppers and tomatoes grow there. You only need to..

published on 9/5/17 4:41 PM

Balkan developments

Turkey with 8th strongest army worldwide An article carried by the website claims that the Turkish army ranks 8th among the top 10 armies in the world. The ranking that compares armies of 113 countries based on 50 factors..

published on 9/4/17 1:45 PM

Balkan Developments

Stratfor: Macedonia makes breakthrough in normalization of Balkans Private intelligence company, Stratfor, concludes that Macedonia has made a breakthrough in normalizing the situation on the Balkans, relying on an analysis by former..

published on 8/31/17 11:47 AM

Students maintain Bulgarian traditions and culture in Scotland

Many Bulgarians opt for studying and/or working abroad. Some of them return here, others prefer to stay away from home. However, no matter the exact spot on the world map, it’s always good to find something Bulgarian, something close to our..

published on 8/30/17 11:41 AM

Help a person in need and rediscover yourself

The summer vacation is near its end and school will soon open again. Children will enter the classrooms and would be telling stories about their summer experiences. For some summer was full of trips and fun, for others it was a time of work and..

published on 8/29/17 1:03 PM

Balkan Developments

Western Balkans ready for intense regional cooperation At a meeting in Albania on Saturday premiers of the Western Balkans agreed on enhanced regional cooperation with the purpose of market expansion and the attraction of more foreign..

published on 8/28/17 2:15 PM
From left to right: Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez, Georgi Ivanov and Alexander Pavlovich Alexandrov

50th anniversary of Interkosmos space program brings participants in it to Bulgaria

This year the 50th anniversary of the start of the Interkosmos space program has been marked. During the period 1978-1988, cosmonauts from 13 countries, including two Bulgarians: Georgi Ivanov in 1979 and Alexander Alexandrov in 1988 were sent to..

published on 8/27/17 8:00 AM

Rositsa Ivanova from Master Chef TV reality lives among deer and serves healthy food

“The world is full of amusing roads. Just go outdoors!” With this simple philosophy Rositsa Ivanova has left her predictable life and has found paradise in nature. Her beautifully arranged plates and inborn refinement have made her the..

published on 8/26/17 8:00 AM

Basketball player Gergana Branzova tells story of victory over Multiple Sclerosis in a book

There are people who manage to cross the limits drawn by science. Often these people are labeled as phenomena as if we try to bring them down to the frames we know. Meanwhile, the wings of others who might dare to look for the light outside the box..

published on 8/25/17 12:54 PM

The Bee Museum in Sofia - showcasing biodiversity and helping people return to their natural environment

The time when the meaning of the word “museum” conveyed a sense of tedium – dreary buildings filled with boring expositions of items amassed through the centuries and handed down from generation to generation to illustrate historical, cultural or..

published on 8/25/17 10:56 AM