European Day of Healthy Food and Cooking with Children

Euro-Toques International is a leading European association of chefs and the only one carrying out official consulting activities with the EC and EP at the adoption of policies and laws in the area of foods, labelling, agricultural production, drinks, wine..

published on 2/14/17 2:46 PM

Bulgaria – leading wine destination

Following an old tradition, today the people celebrates St. Tryphon’s Day – a folklore fest, marking the start of the spring season, when the vines are pruned. The day of the winemaker has its ancient pagan roots and dates back to Thracian times. Thus on..

published on 2/14/17 1:51 PM

Balkan developments

Number of people arrested in Turkey since 2000 up by 232 percent The number of people arrested and convicted in Turkey has gone up by 232 percent since the Justice and Development Party came to power in the country in 2000, whereas the..

published on 2/13/17 1:48 PM

Parentless children need someone to believe in them and give them a second chance

The most important thing for a child is to grow up healthy, happy, loved and safe. These ordinary needs are in the dreams of all children deprived of parental care. Their lives are branded with mixed feelings of loss, uncertainty, despair and..

published on 2/13/17 1:15 PM

Bulgarians can now use .бг in the World Wide Web

The long-awaited domain in Bulgarian is already here and gives us the opportunity to register sites with the ".бг" extension. The new domain allows creating Internet addresses written in Bulgarian. All institutions, municipalities, companies and..

published on 2/13/17 12:11 PM

Special font reveals magic of words to people with dyslexia

From the moment they are born, our descendants become an integral part of our thoughts. Every day we ask ourselves how to provide them with a better life, education, health and security. Despite our efforts, however, we are not always able to..

published on 2/12/17 11:10 AM

Infinite Opportunities Association looking for young people who have chosen to live in Bulgaria

We live in times when regardless of education, race, or age we could achieve almost anything. The only condition, however, is to turn our backs on yesterday's misconceptions, prejudices, fears and worries. This is the principle, on which..

published on 2/12/17 9:10 AM

Melnik hosts Golden Grapes festival

Today and tomorrow the smallest town in Bulgaria – Melnik – will be hosting the festival of Melnik wine Zlaten Grozd (Golden grapes). The festival will feature demonstrations, wine-tasking and a host of surprises for wine lovers. Owners of..

published on 2/11/17 10:49 AM

Svetlin Marinov and his world of music, photography and drones

"I love flying," Svetlin says smiling and irradiates enthusiasm while telling about his trips in Bulgaria, along with his drone. From early childhood, the young man is keen on photography, and several years ago started doing drone photography...

published on 2/11/17 9:35 AM

Clothing donations help Bulgarian Red Cross provide hope and warmth

Collecting donations through selling used clothes and textile is not something new for the Red Cross and has been practiced throughout the world. In the English capital city for example there are special stores, where donated clothing is sold..

published on 2/11/17 9:05 AM