Bulgaria introduces a ban on smoking in public places from mid-2010

Last year, the Bulgarian Parliament made amendments to the Law on Public Health introducing a ban on smoking in public places to come into force on June 1, 2010. This happened after heated discussions because the number of smokers in Bulgaria is high –..

published on 1/25/10 1:19 PM

World Bank Vice President Kristalina Georgieva - Bulgaria's new European Commissioner-designate

Vice-President of the World Bank, Kristalina Georgieva became the new Bulgarian EU commissioner nominee after the withdrawal of Rumyana Jeleva’s candidacy. The opposition in Bulgaria voiced its support for the nomination and Brussels welcomed Bulgaria’s..

published on 1/21/10 12:57 PM

Rumyana Jeleva’s EU Commissioner Candidacy – a test to Bulgaria and to European Parliament

In a letter to PM Boyko Borissov, Bulgaria’s EU Commissioner-designate and Foreign Minister Rumyana Jeleva has announced that she resigns from all posts she currently holds. This decision was not a surprise but it happened later than expected, because to a..

published on 1/21/10 10:18 AM

Crime fighting – top priority for Interior Ministry and investigating authorities through 2010

Representatives of the Bulgarian Interior Ministry, along with the Prosecution Office and the State Agency for National Security /SANS/ gave themselves a year to do away with organized crime at a first of its kind National Assembly of Investigating..

published on 1/19/10 1:05 PM

Bulgaria’s European Year

Аlready three years have passed since Bulgaria became a full member state of the EU. For many Bulgarians this was a dream come true, but the initial enthusiasm of others was cooled off by reality. What was the European year 2009 for Bulgaria? It was, most..

published on 1/4/10 1:17 PM

Queen’s gambit in political chess

Women in politics are like queens on the chessboard – they are most needed when crisis comes. Did the crisis urge a queen’s gambit, aiming at a more favorable position? The gambit is a triumph of the instinct and talent. Do women have stronger instincts in..

published on 12/21/09 2:00 PM

The First Session of the New Parliament Has Come to an End

During their first session MPs of the Bulgarian 41st National Assembly worked in the plenary hall for approximately 235 hours. In this period of time 55 bills were passed 95 resolutions were adopted and 3 statements were passed. Among the bills are the 2010..

published on 12/18/09 1:15 PM

National Referendum in Bulgaria – mission still impossible

Even though Bulgaria has been on the road to Democracy for 20 years now, there are not very many instances when Bulgarian citizens have been able to take direct part in decision-making on important national or local issues. It turned out that Bulgaria is the..

published on 11/19/09 8:51 AM

Sofia’s Citizens chose a Lady for a Mayor

On November 15, 2009 partial elections for local authorities were held in Bulgaria. According to the results only two places would have to launch a second round. In the rest of the cases winners for the mayoral seats were the candidates of the ruling GERB..

published on 11/16/09 12:48 PM

SANS reforms – an urgent necessity

Only 20 months after its inception, the State Agency for National Security or SANS needs urgent reforms. A series of scandals that followed leaking of classified information and a number of internal conflicts compromised the good intentions with which the..

published on 11/6/09 1:40 PM