The most expensive house in Bulgaria awaiting its new owner at the price of EUR 6.5 million!

Expecting “Luxury Tax”

“Luxury tax” that is expected to bring 35 million levs (17 million euro) to the Bulgarian treasury will enter into force on July 1. The tax is one of the anti-crisis measures of the government and will affect the owners of real estate with property tax..

published on 4/20/10 1:51 PM

Countering financial frauds – priority for Interior Ministry

The good coordination in the work of the Interior Ministry and the chief prosecutor’s office as well as the arrests of underworld criminals are among the best achievements that Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov pointed out at the..

published on 4/7/10 12:09 PM

Social aspect of measures against crisis

The global financial and economic crisis visited Bulgaria later, but is also expected to leave later. The government adopted a package of anti-crisis measures in order to decrease the consequences of it implying strict financial discipline, reduction of..

published on 4/6/10 12:19 PM

First impeachment motion does not carry through parliament

The parliamentary majority was 6 votes short of carrying through the motion of the ruling GERB political party to end the powers of President Georgi Parvanov before term. The reason for that was the verbatim report and audio recording of the meeting of the..

published on 4/1/10 12:41 PM

Bulgaria in need of coordinated policies re employment, incomes and education

The Economic and Social Council adopted a package of opinions presenting the positions of the civil society on the country’s most pressing issues in the short and long term. These refer to economy rebuilding measures in the aftermath of the crisis that..

published on 3/31/10 1:05 PM

Southern NATO wing is Bulgarian priority

The major priority for Bulgaria in the context of the NATO Strategic Concept is the security of the Southern wing of the Alliance. The region includes the countries from the Western Balkans and the Black Sea region with its specific effect on the energy..

published on 3/30/10 11:51 AM
Jelyazko Hristov, Simeon Dyankov, Bojidar Danev and Lukan Lukanov (from right to left)

Effect of anti-crisis measures estimated at BGN 1.5 billion

The effect of the anti-crisis measures that the government, employers and trade unions have been discussing to tackle the budget deficit, has been estimated at BGN 1.5 billion (or nearly 750 million euros). This is what Finance Minister Simeon Dyankov told..

published on 3/24/10 12:55 PM
Luchezar Bogdanov of Industry Watch

The debate on anti-crisis measures in Bulgaria

After a great deal of emotions and public discussions on various ideas for tackling the crisis “en passant” the government, trade unions and employers joined efforts to discuss the measures they needed to adopt to stabilize the Bulgarian financial system...

published on 3/23/10 12:46 PM
EPP President Wilfred Martens (right to left), bulgarian Premier Boyko Borissov, Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov and EPP Secretary General Antonio Lopez-Isturiz during the forum

Bulgaria – key factor for EU in fighting corruption and organized crime in the region The Bulgarian center-right government of GERB began an intense fight against organized crime and corruption after the party won the last elections. The goal was the image of..

published on 3/19/10 12:06 PM

Bulgarian police show good results in fighting organized crime

There were a bit over 400 organized crime groups operating on Bulgarian territory, in EU member-states and outside the Community that were under surveillance throughout the previous year by the Chief Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (CDCOC). Most of..

published on 3/16/10 11:15 AM