Bulgarian participation in Artmandu Festival in Nepal

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From November 25 to December 21st the largest international art event held in Nepal will take place. The goal of Artmandu Festival is to bring together artists from all over the world, who are to cooperate and share ideas. Artists will present their views on a globalising world and climate changes.  The motto of the forum is “Earth/Body/Mind.” A Bulgarian artist will also take place in the festival. 

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“I found out about this festival on the Internet", Slav Nedev explains. "This will be its second edition and it addresses environmental issues. I actually work in this sphere, so I sent some ideas to the organizers. That was how I was invited to take part in this prestigious international forum, in which more than 70 artists from all over the world participate. My idea for the installation I am to present is related to building a small town made of garbage bins. It will remain in front of the National Gallery in Sofia for about 2 weeks. This town will have streets and people will be able to walk around. When it comes to social messages artists must express their ideas clearly. This environmental issue exists in almost every country on the globe. In Katmandu I am to present the installation as a 3D visualization. This will have a surrealistic effect.”

The participation of Slav Nedev in Katmandu will be accompanied with a short film that goes with the presentation of his installation, entitled “Biotop.” The idea for the video came from associate professor Andronika Martonova. During his career as an artist Slav Nedev has passed through a number of genres. When he was 22 years old he decided to study the Orthodox icon. He was also strongly interested in philosophy, psychology, and history of art. He is inspired by literature, music, and nature. From painting Slav Nedev goes to create surrealistic installations and even architectural compositions.

© Photo: personal archive

“Another project I am working on now is a series of oil paintings entitled “Post-urban Visions.” It is a slow process that is taking years but I hope to make an exhibition that includes only this series. These are mainly city landscapes. Only silhouettes of people can be seen. It is like after the end of all life cities become architectural artifacts, in which only the shadows of their former citizens roam.”

English version: Alexander Markov

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