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Capital Daily

State authorities move slowly South Stream in order to have legal trumps

Nine months after Russia loudly announced that it repeals the South Stream project, the Bulgarian government continues to carry out activities on construction of the pipeline, Capital Daily says. According to the newspaper, the termination of the procedures can lead to possible legal action and financial sanctions against Bulgaria. On Wednesday, the government adopted a methodology of how much it will cost the company Gazprom - "Sea gas pipeline South Stream" to come to the Bulgarian coast. The reason is that Bulgaria has not yet been officially notified of the suspension and it is concerned over the possibility of lawsuits for inaction being filed against it. Thus, Bulgaria would even have the motive to seek its rights from Gazprom. On the other hand, the joint Bulgarian-Russian company South Stream Bulgaria, which had to build the pipeline on Bulgarian territory, continues to exist and accumulate costs.

Standard daily

Interior Ministry takes urgent measures against illegal car races

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Interior  has launched urgent measures against illegal car races. Secret agents will be implemented as police officers will be provided with detailed maps of the places where illegal races are organized. After frequent incidents of recent days the Interior Ministry has declared a war on participants in such races, Standart says. The goal is to permanently end the midnight races between powerful cars that are very popular in big cities. Lately this kind of racing is observed more and more often observed also in smaller towns, as the trend is rather for an increase in their number. The Interior Ministry is to send plainclothes police officers, who will try to infiltrate among the car races participants in order to take preventive action and get an idea of where races are to be held. Moreover, young people will be recruited who are willing to cooperate with the Ministry of Interior.


About an interesting side effect of strengthening security at the border with Macedonia writes Telegraph in today's edition. "The army stopped bribes at the border with Macedonia. Small smugglers of cigarettes, vegetables and foods are alarmed that the rangers will catch them and they have stopped the constant shuttles to the neighboring country," the newspaper writes, referring to the border police.

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Tsveta Karayancheva and Sergey Lavrov have discussed possibilities for boosting Bulgaria - Russia relations

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Prof. Antoaneta Hristova: There is lack of approach to problems of Bulgarians abroad

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