The trolley car, a gatherer of myriad human fates

Photo: Yoan Kolev

Public transportation and traffic are part of the daily round of urban people. While on a hurry going to work however, we sometimes fail to notice a few situations that we become part of.

With his debut photo exhibition Hristo Rahnev has tried to capture such moments. Its motto is “Streetcars, inspirers of songs and poems”. 

“The message refers to the routes of people that we do not notice. The idea is that there are many interesting moments that we fail to see, and I have just tried to capture them. We have to look at us from aside more often - where we go, why we take certain routes and what we think while on the road.”

In songs and poems, stations, boulevards, squares and vehicles have been presented as symbols of the never-ending hope and expectation for love and better times. But here is a public transport vehicle that has remained largely ignored: 

“The trolley car is often a background and it happens to be almost invisible for passersby. I think that in the trolley car and around it we can see people's eyes. And we can find in them feelings ranging from love to anxiety, as well as a diversity of thoughts. This is what has intrigued me in preparing this photo exhibition.”  

The display actually features a sequence of shots which taken together form an endless trolley car carrying the thoughts of passengers traveling along their routes. According to Hristo we often pay little attention to what is going on around us and this has a good explanation. To a large extent this is due to the times we live in and to common fears.

Therefore, the only signs of disagreement with reality include graffiti on walls and protests of various groups that authorities are fast to disperse by deluding them with vows for fulfilling their demands.

The son of poet and playwright Elin Rahnev, Hristo has graduated from the National School of Professional Printing and Photography and has chosen not to follow into the footsteps of his famous father. He takes this as something perfectly normal given that father and son are interested in different things and their professional lives have diverged as a result.

English Daniela Konstantinova


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