Do what you love to do, never give up on your dreams, Stoyan Yankov says

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Everybody has certain dreams, hoping that some of those will become reality over a lifetime. The difficulties overcome along the path up are numerous and different in their nature, but at the same time they are valuable and precious experience, worth gaining, though it’s often the hard way. All we need is ambition and implacability. We will now get you acquainted with Bulgarian Stoyan Yankov who resides in Denmark. He dreamt about a Wall Street career, but opted to devote himself to cinema instead, as the latter put its spell on the young financial expert during his childhood years. How did it all start?

‘I used to attend drama art classes in my high school years and later on I began to create videos as a hobby alongside my colleagues from an acting studio. I gradually realized that it was a passion I wanted to follow. I spent all my leisure time in the university in shooting videos, movies, attending workshops and meeting with producers and directors.’

The passion hasn’t gone for a decade now and today Stoyan can boast of his own short film festival of 5 successful editions so far. Here is more from him:

‘Its name is Aarhus Shortfilm Challenge and in fact it is a real challenge of 7 days which invites people involved in cinema and video productions from all over the world to join and participate. They receive two topics and a segment of a dialogue which should be interpreted in a movie of 4 – 5 minutes that should be ready within 7 days. We had some 1,000 participants from all over the world at the last two editions. People receive some feedback and meet with each other. Some community of partners is created which contributes to their development in a certain area.’

Stoyan has also been involved in numerous workshops and trainings over the past few years that rediscover and change his personality. In his opinion everybody can change oneself if there are people who can show him the right path - earlier in life, if possible. That is why kids come as a center of one of his ideas – the establishment of centers for personal development, aiming at the revealing of their true potential. Stoyan says that nothing makes him happier than inspiration brought to other people’s lives whenever he gives them pieces of advice on how to change their life and business in a positive manner. He advises everyone willing, but hesitating whether to try their luck abroad to do it, but bearing in mind the numerous challenges they are to face. Those should know however that there is always an option and they can get back if they cannot adapt away from home. The precious experience gained remains, the financial movie enthusiast says in conclusion.

English version: Zhivko Stanchev 

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