Kaval player Vladimir Velichkov with successful breakthrough in global ethno music chart

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Vladimir Velichkov is one of the masters of kaval (shepherd’s flute). Brilliant musician, who expanded technical capabilities of the traditional instrument without harming its beautiful sound. In his work he follows and develops original ideas influenced most often by the folklore in the Danube region, but refracted through his contemporary worldview and experience. Master of improvisations, he has a firm place in other musical genres - jazz, rock, house. Local and foreign musicians such as Antoni Donchev, Stoyan Yankulov – Stundzhi, Ivo Papazov, Theodosius Spasov, Stanley Jordan, Matt Cooper, Prem Joshua & Band seek his partnership...

The career of Vladimir Velichkov is marked by numerous original works, participation in international music projects, concerts, fairs, weddings (as a member of the Kanarite Orchestra). He has combined all this with lecturing at the Plovdiv University. Recently Vladimir Velichkov entered into the Ethnocloud world chart for ethno music. He told us more about this:

“It was quite unexpected,” he says. “This Canadian platform Ethnocloud has a team that tracks music on the web and makes a selection of musicians with a different perspective on folklore. In late November I received an email that invited me to register in this platform. I was given instructions on how to do it, etc. I uploaded five of my works - this was in late November. In early December from Toronto they told me that they had not had such a case before – In the November ranking I took the 33rd place out of the world top 40. Things happened pretty quickly and unexpectedly. In the chart in January three of my works were in the top 40, as one of the pieces was 4th and the others were on 9th and 10th place. I did not expect such recognition from music fans from all over the world, who listen to this kind of music thanks to the Internet there are a number of Bulgarian singers, orchestras, choirs and others, present in the platform but have not managed to become part of the global chart. This is a specialized platform where one can find agents and managers worldwide. I met many people who want to work together with me."

Musicians from around the world, all ethnicities, all styles, present their work in the platform, which is pretty interesting. There I was listening to lots of music and I was especially impressed by a really amazing formation from India. They combine Indian folklore with fusion, jazz and other genres, and the result is amazing sound and effect on the listener.

For me, entering the world top 40 with three works is a success.

Inspired by his successes Vladimir Velichkov continues to work on various projects.

“Recently I finished a project and I think it will be a pretty good work, the musician says.  I also defended a doctoral thesis at the University of Plovdiv. I am happy that this prestigious university provides me with opportunities and conditions to develop as a musician.”

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