Znam - the best of Lubo Kirov

Photo: courtesy of Lyubo Kirov

Several days ago Bulgarian pop singer Lubo Kirov presented to his music fans his latest album Znam (I know)-The Best of Lubo Kirov. The renowned Bulgarian musician included in that album some of his greatest music hits created in the past fifteen years of his successful music career. His project was named after one of Lubo Kirov's most favorite songs Znam (I Know).

Since 2000 Lubo Kirov has been an important part of the Bulgarian pop music. In the first seven years of that period he was a lead singer of TE band. Lubo Kirov and the other musicians who were part of that Bulgarian pop band released two music albums- Mestoimenia and Razlichen. Those two albums included some memorable songs such as Ima Li Tsvetya (Are There Flowers), Shte Te Namerya (I will find you), Iskam, Razlichen, etc, which topped various radio and TV music rankings in Bulgaria. Lubo took part with TE band at many music festivals in Bulgaria and abroad and gained huge experience as a musician and song writer. TE band was invited to become a warm-up band of Simply Red,Incognito, Al McKay's Earth Wind And Fire Experience and Simple Minds at their concerts in Bulgaria.

In the spring of 2007 Lubo Kirov decided to leave TEband and make a solo career. His decision played an important part in his professional development. He developed his talent as musician and songwriter and made interesting duos with Italian Alessia D'Andrea in Tonight song, with Maria Ilieva in Alright, with Vladimir Ampov-Grafa and Orlin Pavlov in Zaedno (Together), with Kamelia Todorova in Iskash Li (Do You Want), etc. His first solo single Otnovo Vyarvam (Again, I believe) helped Lubo win the prestigious Golden Spring competition of the Bulgarian National Radio.

2010 was extremely successful for Lubo Kirov. He released his first single album named Lubo 2010 which included some of music hits such as Moga (I can), Govori Min na Ti, Az I Ti (You and I), Na Kraia na Sveta, Zabravena Luybov (Forbidden Love), etc. His talent was acknowledged by MTV-Europe's World Chart Express which broadcasted three songs of the abovementioned album- Govori Mi na Ti, Otnovo Vyarvam and Tonight.

Lubo Kirov loves experimenting in other music genres, too. He took part at the Life is Beautiful project together with Jazz pianist Zhivko Petrov. The video to their song was seen by 1.2 million music fans. Hemade I Can't Get Over songtogether with renowned DJ Mr.Moon. On March 10 Lubo Kirov performed together with Zhivko Petrov, percussionist Kalin Velyov, guitarist Alexander Duylgerov and LaTiDa band at a Sofia music club.Some of Bulgaria's greatest pop and rock musicians Mitko Karnev and Alexander Obretenov from D2, Vladimir Ampov-Grafa, Maria Ilieva, Yasen Valchev and Ivailo Zvezdomirov from TE band, Zhana Bergendorff, Orlin Pavlov, Toni, Mihaela Marinova and Nova Musica band also took part at that event attended by over 900 music fans. The music event was opened with Govori Mi Na Ti song (including guitarist Joro Yanev), followed by Ima Li Tsevya and Iskam. Yasen Valchev (piano) and Ivailo Zvezdomirov (bass guitar) also appeared on the stage. Lubo Kirov invited Mihaela Marinova, who won the BG Debut 2016 award, to make a duo in Moga song. Lubo Kirov also wrote songs for his Bulgarian colleagues such as Vmesto Men (to the rendition of Orlin Pavlov) and Kakto Predi (performed by Toni).

Lubo Kirov and Maria Ilieva performed together their song Alright. Later, Vladimir Ampov-Grafa and Orlin Pavlov performed their joint project Zaedno (lyrics-Lubo Kirov and Grafa). The concert continued with Lubo Kirov's most popular pieces Shte Te Nameria, Na Kraia Na Sveta, Zabranena Luybov, Ti and Razlichen. Lubo Kirov paid tribute to the world pop legend George Michael with fragments of some of his most-emblematic songs.

One of the most-emotional moments was linked with the influential performance of Vasil Naydenov's song Po Parvi Petli under the accompaniment of maestro Zhivko Petrov. The concert ended with Purple Rain (Prince) performed by Lubo Kirov and Zhana Bergendorff.The album Znam-The Best of Lubo Kirov was released both on a CD and vinyl. The first concerts of Lubo Kirov's music tour will be held in Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas.

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

Audio features the following songs:

1 Govori Mi Na Ti, performed by Lubo Kirov

2 Znam, to the rendition of Lubo Kirov

3 Na Kraia na Sveta, performed by Lubo Kirov

4 Otnovo Vyarvam (Again, I believe), performed by Lubo Kirov

5 Ima Li Tsvetya- to the rendition of Lubo Kirov

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