Resurrection of Christ – eternal existence in love

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In the course of nearly two millennia the Christian world has hailed the Resurrection of Christ. After the terrible torment on the cross where he died for our sins, the Son of God resurrected, in order to open the gate to salvation in a new eternal world with no pain or suffering. Their belief in life after death makes Christians face death more easily, hoping to meet their loved ones on the other side. This faith obliges them to be better, raising their soul over the material and transient world.

Снимка“Maybe this is the most important event in the whole history of mankind,” says theology tutor with the Veliko Tarnovo University Dobromir Dimitrov, who is also a priest at the Sv. Velikomachenik Mina’s temple. “We have to be happy, as this is a day of victory of life over death. In this world that we live in we witness its print on everything, turning into the major problem for people. Every one of us is doomed to face it. We lose the ones we love, they lose us. If we begin to think over these issues, we see that our life is actually suffering. We see the life and death of any flower, animal and living creature. Then when God Himself who is out of time and space opted for becoming one of us, space did that choice: He was born from the virgin womb of Mother Mary, lived with us, consoled us, healed us and going through terrible suffering he died and resurrected for us – and this is a reason for the greatest joy. A path for our resurrection as well through His is opened. This is not a fest simply, but an act which ends death.”

Resurrection is the main pillar of Christian faith. That is why it is a fest of the living ones and also the ones we have already lost. Father Dobromir says that the entire mankind sits on a festive table with God who has resurrected:

“That is the event which we commemorate and that we participate in – it gives an answer to all of our vital questions which thrill us. It is the milestone of our relations and system of values. This is the criteria that we live under – not to opt for what’s evil, living day by day at the expense of another person. Resurrection is the gate to eternal life, as it is not logical everything to end up here. That is why Christians are happy – their common values believe that a victory over death has been scored. Take a look at the world around with all the wars, disasters and suffering. One can resist those only via the thought of salvation. Unfortunately modern media tend to impose this ritual side of the whole thing with all the meals and actions, while the core is missed. Resurrection affects our way of life and our existence beyond time and space.”

That is why it is Glory Day, the way we call Easter in Bulgaria. This is our greatest reason for joy that we all share on the night of festive watch. The Orthodox temples gather thousands of pilgrims during the festive liturgy in the night of the blessed flame, symbol of Salvation. At midnight precisely everyone greets with Christ Is Risen! And the miracle of God’s love reaches all hearts.

“We can even call it Triumph of Love,” Father Dobromir says and adds. “When you say I Love You to someone you say ‘you will never die for me, you will live an eternal life’. That is what we receive of God’s love that we see in Christ. When He loves us, God loves us, since He is Love Himself. If we respond to this love and love the people around, even our enemies, this means eternal existing in love. This is our hope – that even if we lose the ones we love now, it won’t last long. Jesus Christ has given us a lot, all we need is the free will to love Him and to establish this connection with Him. That is why Resurrection is the meaning of our life.”

English version: Zhivko Stanchev 

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