Balkan Developments

Turkey, US vow to cut tensions

BGNESTurkish President Recep Erdogan and his American counterpart Donald Trump have agreed during face-to-face talks to cut tensions between the two countries. Donald Trump has said that the US supports Turkey in its efforts to combat terrorism including fight against Islamic State and Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), and has given assurances that the military equipment requested by the Turkish president will be delivered within a short notice. Erdogan has added that he and Trump have agreed to work jointly in economy and trade.

Macedonia set to exit political crisis

BGNESThe President of the Republic of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov has said that the obstacles for forming a government have been removed, and has handed a mandate for forming a government to the leader of the Social-Democratic Union of Macedonia Zoran Zaev. To receive the mandate Zaev has fulfilled the request of the president for providing written guarantees for the preservation of the country's identity and territorial integrity. Zoran Zaev has given assurances that he will form a pro-European government aimed to provide a quality way of life to all citizens and regard for its multinational character and for the Ohrid Agreement.

Mass protests in Greece continue after strike

BGNESThe nationwide general strike in Greece against the government's bailout agreement with creditors is over, but protests continue in transport. During today's parliamentary debates on the bill for a package of economic measures, the Greek ports are blocked, trains do not service key lines and Thessaloniki is again without operating public transport. MPs from Syriza party have said the measures are really austere, but Greece needs the financial support of creditors.

Government, opposition in Albania in talks to set new election date

BGNESAlbanian Prime Minister and leader of the ruling Socialist Party Edi Rama is negotiating with the head of the main opposition group, the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha a change in the date of elections previously scheduled for June 18th. Rama has suggested that the vote be held on July 23, but DP’s Basha is firmly opposed to this option and has pointed to September as the earliest opportunity. Before the talks, the Democratic Party refused to register for the vote on June 18th, as Basha urged Rama to resign and make sure elections are organized by a caretaker government.

Interpol issues arrest warrant for former president of Serbia-Montenegro

libraryInterpol’s national bureau in Podgorica has issued an arrest warrant for the former president of Serbia-Montenegro Svetozar Marovic. Some time ago Marovic was sentenced to 3 years and 9 months of imprisonment, but the sentence was delayed based on the defendant’s poor health. Now, however, the court has ruled that Marovic is no longer in poor health and there is no reason to delay the sentence. Svetozar Marovic was the only president of the allied state of Serbia and Montenegro since its establishment in 2003 until its dissolution in 2006. He has faced charges of fraud in construction projects in the tourist city of Budva.

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Balkan Developments

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