Street Hat Parade downtown Sofia

Photo: BGNES

On Saturday afternoon a fashion parade was held in Vitosha St. downtown Sofia. Its organizer is Bulgaria’s leading hat designer Irina Sardareva. “Wear a different hat every day and be happy”, she told the crowd.

“In Sofia I notice that there are more sporting models and I started to wear them”, admitted Elga Tsitselkova, one of the participants. “This is the first time I am wearing a hat in my life", said another woman, Rossi, dressed in a more business suit with a matching hat. Irina Sardareva had invited her and had given her the hat for her dress. But she was pleasantly surprised with the result and decided to take advantage of the beautiful accessory more often.

Irina Sardareva’s Hat Parade has always been popular, funny and emotional. This time was no exception. The event has once again shown to young and old that hats never go out of fashion, provided one has the self-confidence to wear this great accessory, BGNES reports.

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