Ivaylo Getsov – kindling flame of technical thought in Bulgaria

Photo: courtesy of Ivaylo Getsov

A new training method replaces successfully the long and exhausting sports exercises and the exercises in the fitness hall and shapes human body. It takes 15-20 minutes a day only. Besides, it has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, lymphatic circulation and the human musculoskeletal system. It may sound weird, but professional sportsmen and physiotherapists have been acquainted with that technology for a long time, which is based on years of research and scientific developments. We are talking about electrical muscle stimulation which makes muscles contract and relax with higher intensity. However, that method does not make the muscles overstretch. The electrical muscle stimulation activates up to 90% of the muscle fibers through stimulating the major muscle groups. A 20 minute procedure is equal to 36,000 muscle contractions.


We can proudly note that Bulgaria has huge contribution to the development of this technology, despite the disparagement towards the scientific and technical community in this country. The technology was invented by several young enthusiasts from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences who believe that Bulgaria still has the potential to place among the leading countries in that field despite the difficulties and humiliatingly-low remuneration. Ivaylo Getsov is an author of that project. He connected with the young scientists from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and managed to bring his idea to a successful end:

“Fortunately we managed to seize the opportunity and the product we offer penetrated the market successfully. This is due to years of scientific developments in Bulgaria and the former Soviet Union. Apart from us there are only six companies worldwide that sell similar products on the market. It is very important for us to accentuate on the Bulgarian origin of our product. We can proudly say that this product was created and manufactured in Bulgaria, which is our largest advertising. The Bulgarians are showing very strong interest in our product and hopefully it will soon gain popularity abroad as well. We are planning to have a strong presence abroad when we receive the necessaryTÜV certificates and of course we intend to participate next April at the international exhibition in Cologne. I suppose our colleagues from Germany, Spain and Australia will be very surprised to see that we offer five different versions of that technology.However, I will not go in any details yet. I can only say that the products have been already developed and we have to launch their serial production.”


The electrical muscle stimulation technology was created as a result of the scientific studies of hypodynamia in confined spaces such as space stations and submarines. In Ivaylo Getsov’s words, that technology is not a solution to all problems, yet it allows us to enrich our culture, save time and respectively have more time for our relatives and friends. Ivaylo himself came across that technology as a consumer first, but later decided to open his own studio for electrical muscle stimulation and made some improvements to the technology. He is a graduate of Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy in Varna and believes everything is possible. When he started using the equipment of the rival firms he was not impressed with the design of the products and decided to make some improvements:

“One day I decided that making improvements to products of rival companies was a pointless job and in December 2016 started to develop a new technology together with some people from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. In March 2017 we were ready to launch our product for mass production. I would not have been able to complete my project without the help of my colleagues from BAS”, Ivailo contends. “Their knowledge in programming and radio electronics is at a very high scientific level. I am the one who generates the ideas in our team and comes up with ideas how our product should look and my colleagues are in charge of the development of the technical parameters. Fortunately, there are still trustworthy people in Bulgaria. Our project made me believe that the flame of technical thought still flickers in Bulgaria and I hope we will be able to kindle that flame. One thing is for sure - Bulgaria will become a banana state without the development of the scientific sphere.”

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

Photos: Darina Grigorova and private library
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