From Love to Life - Campaign that brings hope

The team of “Ambassadors of Humanity” inspiring and organizing the campaign
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The pink ribbon is a symbol we always recognize when it comes to the campaign against the most treacherous disease among women - breast cancer. The symbol also brings hope to hundreds of Bulgarians that the disease is curable when it is diagnosed in time. Preventive breast cancer screening in Bulgaria is free of charge and is performed year-round in large clinics. October is the month in which one of the world's leading beauty product companies reminds us in an attractive way that our health is an important gift we must take care of. An information campaign has also become a tradition.

For 16 years, in the framework of the "From Love to Life" Campaign, donations have reached BGN 1,500,000 and more than 30,000 Bulgarian women were screened nationwide. Ultrasound equipment was purchased for 7 hospitals. Unfortunately, each year there are about 3800 new cases registered. Currently, the number of women in Bulgaria who suffer from the disease is over 46,000.

"The efforts of the charity campaign for Bulgaria so far have been directed towards prevention,” Tsvetelina Gocheva says. She is a manager at a cosmetics company that has been preparing a big charity concert with the participation of popular Bulgarian pop performers including Divna, Dicho, Kalin Velyov, Joanna Dragneva and others. This year, the Bulgarian National Radio is a media partner of the initiative.

"I think our campaign is already very popular. We are very happy that we are able to find such broad support among people and business partners," Gocheva says and continues:

"Our gratitude is addressed to all people who support the cause by ordering cosmetic products, by providing moral assistance, even simply by sharing information. Our common desire is that women everywhere feel happier, more confident, healthier, and more beautiful with the support we give. Women affected by breast cancer live with lots of fears; even going to a screening is something that causes tension. But people need to constantly be informed that cancer is curable. Throughout the years of the campaign, we have been trying to recall the importance of prevention. Realizing the problem itself can save lives. That is why we turn to women, as well to men. They also have mothers, wives, and daughters. Our message is to the whole of society; we all need to address these issues and be responsible to our health and to the health of other people.”

This year a special site - was created, where everyone can learn how to support the campaign and get useful advice and recommendations on prevention and preventive screenings. This year donations will be given to the One of 8 Foundation. Its founder is TV host Nana Gladwish, who has faced the treacherous disease and boldly leads her battle against breast cancer. With the support of “One of 8,” thousands of women in Bulgaria have the chance to receive free practical, legal and moral assistance from a psychologist to relieve suffering and help them continue live their lives.

English: Alexander Markov

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