Despite optimistic forecasts for tourism, tour operators call for resignation of Minister Angelkova

Photo: BGNES

After in the last days of September, the Institute of Analyses and Assessment of Tourism reported that the summer tourist season was very successful and by the end of the year a rise of 8 per cent or more in the number of tourists would be marked, in the first days of October the Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents called for the resignation of Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova. 

According to tour operators, figures on the number of foreign tourists were inflated, Bularia's tourism advertising was devoid of strategic vision, tourism marketing was chaotic, and Minister Angelkova had no professional competencies and administrative capacity to deal with the growing problems.

Some members of the association voiced disagreement with the criticism, but its governing council accused them of dealing only with travels abroad, which made them not only indifferent to the situation in the country but even had bier profits if Bulgarians traveled abroad more. Support for Angelkova, however, was declared by the National Board of Tourism. According to it, the minister managed to make Bulgaria a more recognizable and friendly tourist destination on the European and world tourist markets.

On the other hand, the board warned that it would be extremely inappropriate to ask for the Minister's resignation at a time when changes are being made to tourism legislation. Favorable feedback for Angelkova came from the Bulgarian Union of Balneology and Spa Tourism, that says she contributed to the change of views that Bulgaria was a seasonal destination only known just with its summer and winter tourist products.

There was no reaction from the government to recent developments and in the public sphere it became known, and in the public space it was remarkable that the tourism industry experienced serious internal contradictions.

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