EBU Legal and Public Affairs Assembly to meet in Sofia

On 12 and 13 October, the 14th Legal & Public Affairs Assembly of the European Broadcasting Union will be held in Sofia. More than 80 delegates of 42 media organizations from 28 countries will join the forum hosted by the Bulgarian National Radio.

The key topic in the program is governance of public service media (PSM) organizations in the digital world.

The EBU Media Director Jean Philp de Tender will make a presentation about the digital transformation of public media.

EBU Head of Media and Communications Law Michael Wagner is going to focus on good practices in PSM governance.

Head of Public Service Policy OFCOM Gareth Barr is going to speak about the implementation of a new model in the UK.

A presentation titled “The Bulgarian example” will be delivered by Milen Mitev, Chief Legal Officer of the Bulgarian National Radio and member of the EBU Legal Committee.

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