Archaeology: Minister of Culture Boil Banov to cooperate for preservation of archaeological sites near village of Karanovo

Photo: BGNES

Minister of Culture Boyl Banov and his team assessed the state of the archaeological sites in the East Mound and the Village Mound near the village of Karanovo. After having established the measures necessary on the spot, the ministry of culture committed to their execution within short terms. The Karanovo Village Mound is one of the largest prehistoric settlements in this country and Europe. It was inhabited in the period mid-6th – 2nd millennium BC. It is 13 m high with ground diameter of 250/150 m. The funeral of a Thracian ruler is one of the discoveries there, traditionally buried with his chariot, dated back to the 1st c. AD. An area of 1,700 m2 has been studied. Seven major cultural layers have been found, related to the Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze ages. The place is a huge treasury of ancient artifacts and has the status of a single archaeological immovable cultural value.

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