More growth needed to see rise in incomes: Menda Stoyanova

Photo: BGNES

Wages in many sectors in Bulgaria are low and will remain low until more growth is achieved, said the Chairperson of the Budget Committee in the Bulgarian parliament Menda Stoyanova in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio.

In science the potential can be used in a better way, Stoyanova explained in the wake of protests of scientists earlier this week who demanded more adequate salaries. She added that the 2018 budget would provide 60 million euro more to science but based on project financing.

A better business environment spells higher growth. Conditions for doing business should improve, Menda Stoyanova told BNR. She means macroeconomic indices such as financial stability and predictability in both economic and political terms.

Stoyanova also pointed to the importance of the effectiveness of the judicial system. “Foreign investors are given no guarantees that they will receive fast and fair justice”, she said.

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