Gifts from Bulgarian EU Presidency will be elegant and with lasting value

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Photo: Elena Karkalanova

The delegates and guests expected to visit Bulgaria for the events on the agenda of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union during the first half of 2018 will be about 25,000. Each guest will receive a special gift pack from the host country as a token of hospitality and respect.

In fact, gift packs have become a tradition of the rotating EU presidencies that every presiding country has observed without an exception. The gifts are also a good way to advertise the country holding the rotating presidency of the Union in the course of six months. By tradition the gift sets’ key items should be a scarf and a necktie. Lilyana Pavlova, Minister of the Bulgarian EU Presidency has presented officially the gift sets that are two kinds:

This first kind of sets feature deluxe gifts for the heads of delegations – prime ministers, cabinet ministers and deputy ministers. Other sets include gifts for all delegates who will be attending the meetings not only in Bulgaria but also in the European institutions.”

Liliana Pavlova presents the presents. We also see her wearing one of the luxurious silk scarves designed for ladies.

The Ministry of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union has provided 16,000 standard and 900 deluxe scarves, as well as 20,000 standard and 1100 deluxe neckties. All of them are elegantly embroidered with motifs from traditional Bulgarian embroidery and also feature the stylized Bulgarian Presidency logo designed by artist Todor Angeliev. In the logo he has included three of the most important Bulgarian symbols – the Cyrillic, the Bulgarian flag and the traditional embroidery. Stepping on the logo designer Gergana Stankova has created the layout of scarves for the guests of Bulgaria’s first rotating EU presidency.

The second part of gift sets includes coins released in 2018 that will be provided by the Bulgarian National Bank at the beginning of January”, Minister Lilyana Pavlova explained. “The coins are two kinds as well – a special issue of 2 BGN coins with the logo of the Bulgarian EU Presidency. For VIP guests a special coin issue will be available – silver, gold-plated coins branded with the EU Presidency logo.”

The Bulgarian gift set will have another component – a postage stamp validated by the Minister of Transport with a post envelope of the Presidency released in a limited edition.

Bulgaria is known as the country of roses, and Bulgarian rose oil is recognized as top quality by the world perfumery industry. Naturally, rose oil will be present in the mementoes that guests take away from this country - high-ranking delegates will also get a special branded capsule with aromatic rose oil. Over the past several years, however, Bulgaria has established itself as the largest lavender exporter in Europe. That is why the Bulgarian lavender producers have provided to the Ministry of the Bulgarian EU Presidency specially prepared packs with scented lavender, which will also be part of the gift sets for guests.


Naturally, there are also branded folders, pens, pencils, pins and notepads.

With this we create a complete set. In the selection of mementoes our priority has been long-lasting value. Therefore we have opted for coins and postage stamps that have collectors’ numismatic worth and last in time. Well, of course scarves and neckties have become an established tradition: every EU Presidency brands scarves and neckties. However, we have made them in three colors – with the color of the Presidency (blue), but also in lighter blue and in ash rose, so as to have greater diversity for ladies.”

English Daniela Konstantinova

Photos: Elena Karkalanova and
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