Regional Museum of History in Pleven presents the exhibition Acknowledgement


The event is on the program of events commemorating the140th anniversary of the battle for Pleven in the Russo-Turkish War. Featuring more than 150 photos, documents, private effects, works of art and print publications the display shows how Pleven celebrated its liberation day, 10 December, and how the city showed its gratitude to the great exploit of its liberators. The people of Pleven take care of the city’s history. There are more than 200 monuments in the city and its environs related to the times of the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. The oldest community center in Pleven Saglasie 1869 has also arranged an exhibition with valuable books recounting the historic victory near Pleven in 1877. Historians define the battle for the city as the most important military operation which to a great extend determined the outcome of the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation.

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