Daniel Bogdanski: "Lets do good deeds each day and change the world around us"

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Bulgarians living outside the homeland are more than 2 million people. Each of them has a different fate and reasons to start new life abroad. Some have done this before 1989 to escape repressions of the communist regime, others to receive better education and others went abroad in search of a better-paid job. The three types of people, however, have something in common and it is the hope that one day they will return home and change Bulgaria. But while for some these are just words, others already have their own plans and they want to achieve them.

СнимкаDaniel Bogdanski has been studying international business at the University of Maastricht and he has not stopped being interested in the latest developments in Bulgaria. He has created his own blog in which he presents his vision of the current problems we face and their possible solutions. In the blog Daniel describes his own experiences, as well as the experience of others living abroad, whose mission is to support various causes. What is the target audience of the blog?

"Its main objective is to influence young people to change their way of thinking. If each of us did something little for Bulgaria today, it would become a better place to live tomorrow. "

The first video Bogdanski created was called "The Bulgarian Path". His idea came from his participation in a philosophical essay contest, organized by the "St. Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia". The topic was "The Bulgarian Path - Potential,

Problems and Perspectives." He ended his essay with the question "What did you do for Bulgaria today?"

“The idea is that if each of us started thinking about Bulgaria; about the future of the town we live in and be more united, this country would have the potential to change in a year, but people are very disillusioned and apathetic. We only see the negative sides."

Changing our lives and the environment in which we live in depends on us. The first step towards this aim is overcoming our characteristic pessimism, which we skillfully mask as concern and even as realism. It is the biggest brake to human development. The easiest thing to say is that something cannot be done.


This is what people who are afraid of the new and the unknown usually do. Such fears lie in each of us, but it is important whether we could control it.

We must stop digging into history and look for reasons for pride in the past. People we can be proud of exist these days, too. To prove themselves in their work they needed courage, will, and deprivation. They usually achieve success with their own strength and without any support from the state. That is why their efforts often go unnoticed and the main reason is the lack of publicity. By telling the stories of our compatriots in his blog, Daniel hopes he would change that and bring public attention to their problems. His plans do not end here and another site will be created, which will present in English the natural and historical landmarks in our country. The young man’s wish is to show foreigners that our country can surprise them not only with beautiful women and cheap alcohol, but also with its rich past, exclusive cuisine and preserved handcrafts.

English: Alexander Markov

Photos: dabuda.net
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