Yambol Municipal Museum of Military Valor attracts thousands of visitors from Bulgaria, abroad

Photo: yambol.bg

The Municipal Museum of Military Valor in the town of Yambol, Southeastern Bulgaria, has reported a growing number of visitors from the country and abroad. In a bid to attract more visitors the museum’s management recently started a campaign for raising personal donations related to the military history of Bulgaria – photos and documents, letters and memoirs, outfits and personal effects of soldiers and military officers from the Bulgarian army. In the meantime, construction has completed of the hall for displaying a scale model of the legendary German L59 zeppelin. During World War I it was based at a special dirigible station with a hangar near the town. In 1917 it was used to complete the longest flight until then – 95 hours without intermediate landing, or 6800 km to the capital of Sudan, Khartoum and back.

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