Tradition and modernity intertwining in Bulgarian videos for Presidency of Council of EU


On the eve of the official opening of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU, the official videos promoting the country were shown in the National Palace of Culture. The videos are three and will be shown before each meeting in Sofia, Brussels and Strasbourg. More about the message of Снимкаthe videos from Minister in charge of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of EU Lilyana Pavlova

“One of the videos is called ‘This is Bulgaria’ and it aims to show this country to those of our guests who know very little about it. The second video focuses on the priorities of the Bulgarian presidency of the Council of the EU and the third one will show famous Bulgarians and their great achievements. The video has one major goal - to rediscover Bulgaria as the hidden gem of Europe.”

The video dedicated to Bulgarian talents has not been completed yet. Its premiere is coming in a few weeks.

Producer of the videos is Dimitar Gochev and Bozhidar Velinov is the director. The message they bring is that one cannot help falling in love with this country at first glance. The video leaves the feeling that it captured Bulgaria in four seasons, although shots took place some 10 days ago. The main characters are played by actors Boyko Krastanov and Lorina Kamburova. Their characters are two young people who travel around the country, get to know the traditions, customs and meet new people who surprise them with their hospitality. In the short video, they also discover two customs that are thousands of years old - fire dancing and kukeri rituals. Attention is paid to folklore, as well as to the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet. The budget for the three clips, Internet banners and the logo, as well as the original music written by Krassimir Todorov, is 101 000 euros. Television and radio broadcast time is yet to be bought.

English version: Alexander Markov

Photos:, BGNES

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