Bulgaria meets all critera to join Schengen, eurozone waiting room, says Jean-Claude Juncker

Photo: BTA

The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said Bulgaria meets all criteria and is fit to join Schengen and the eurozone waiting room, ERMII.

At a joint press conference with Bulgarian Prime Minister Juncker praised the significant progress made by the Bulgarian government in combating corruption in the recent years. He said corruption remained a problem but admitted that it is a problem in other countries as well.

Jean-Claude Juncker believes that improving connectedness with the Western Balkans and regarding Turkey is of primary importance for Europe. Juncker however said that no additional members were expected to join EU until 2020. During the next parliamentary term there will be a more close and targeted look at this to ensure that the Western Balkans do obtain a clear European perspective, the European Commission President said.

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