Golden Grapes Wine Festival held in Melnik

Photo: BGNES

Melnik is the Bulgarian town known for one of the best wines produced in this country – Mavrud. The southern town’s largest festival, Golden Grapes is devoted to winemaking as well. Traditionally it is held mid-February and its goal is to present the best quality wines of the region’s best cellars. On February 10 – 11 citizens and guests of Melnik will taste and enjoy once again the famous Melnik wine, presented by winemakers from across the region. The festival is unveiled with festive blessing ceremony for health and welfare. Traditionally a contest will be held for best homemade red wine in the Melnik Vine and Bouquet categories. Siroka Melniska is the local wine sort which is unique and available only there, so one cannot mistake the Melnik wine for anything else.

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