Salon of Museums with special selection of museum & gallery collections

Photo: BGNES

Over 40 regional and national museums and several galleries from all over Bulgaria will present themselves at the first of its kind Salon of Museums. It will be held in the period March 3 – 5 when the lobby of the National Palace of Culture will host on an area of more than 500 m2 an exclusive selection of museum and gallery collections. The idea is replicas of masterpieces to be presented at one place and also different sides to be revealed of the activities of the Bulgarian museum institutions with a key role in the popularization of this country’s rich cultural and historical heritage. The Salon accommodates museums of archaeology, ethnography, history, regional museums, as well as houses – museums from Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse, Blagoevgrad, Smolyan, Pernik, Vratsa, Karlovo etc. The National Art Gallery, the Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery in Varna and the Ruse Art Gallery will display works from their collections. Salon of Museums is part of the official national cultural program for the Bulgarian EU Presidency.

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