Skiers in national folklore costumes down along slope from Snejanka tower on March 3rd


The 140th anniversary of Bulgaria’s Liberation will be marked in an untraditional and patriotic manner at the Pamporovo winter resort in the Rhodope Mountain. The different thing will be that everyone will wear authentic folklore clothing during the ski and snowboard slalom which will be held there on March 3rd. The first of that kind slalom took place on the same day last year, when some 200 skiers carried a Bulgarian flag with a respective size. Authentic Rhodope bagpipe performances will bring on the sound for this patriotic and sports event. A huge chain dance will begin at the end of the event, while the entire fest will be shot by professional dron pilots. A copy of the movie will be placed in a capsule with a message to the next generations. It will be buried on the Shipka Peak on September 22nd for the 110th anniversary of Bulgaria’s Independence.

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