Little White Cloud at Sylvie Vartan’s final tour

Photo: BGNES

Top French singer of Bulgarian origin Sylvie Vartan has prepared grand concerts in Sofia and Varna. In April /19 – 21/ she will return to this country with the final tour in her career. This happens 28 years after her concert in Bulgaria which turned into a furore and thousands felt tears in their eyes at her rendition of the popular Little White Cloud song. This tour is titled Forever Sylvie and is presenting Sylvie’s work over the past 50 years. The initial concert was at the Le Grand Rex Paris hall and was totally devoted to her late former husband and partner onstage Johnny Halliday. The story of Sylvie Vartan is well-known to generations of Bulgarians. Everyone has heard the story of the 7-year-old blond girl, who left Bulgaria with her parents and lived for years without her own home. However, fate turned out to be gracious and made her one of the most beloved singers on the Continent. Fame and success haven’t changed her at all – she is down-to-earth, honest and funny. ‘There is no problem if you talk to me in Bulgarian – I find it hard to speak the language, but I understand it,’ Mrs. Vartan says in the beginning of each conversation with her fans from Bulgaria.

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