The Louvre to welcome Preslav Treasure in June


The gold treasure of the ancient Bulgarian capital of Preslav will be exposed at the Louvre in June. The exposition is part of the cultural program of the Bulgarian EU Presidency. The display named The Epoch of Bulgarian Tsars will accentuate on the Golden Age of Simeon the Great. The event’s curator Jannice Durand who had visited the museum of Veliki Preslav, in order to select the exhibits, declared that the museum’s collection was really rich and testified on a major stage of Europe’s art development. The treasure was discovered accidentally in 1978. It has been one of the largest medieval treasures discovered so far with 120 gold and gilded jewelries. Some of the exhibits have been dated back to the 3 – 7th c. and there are some belonging to the 10th c. The Christian symbols on a part of the exhibits are an interesting detail. According to Durand, such exhibitions are essential for Bulgaria’s image, highly appraised by the viewers. Last year’s exposition The Saga of the Thracian Kings was selected among Top 5 best events in the Louvre for last year.

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