Members of Bulgarian Antarctic expeditions present achievements in Prague

Photo: BGNES

The Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague and the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute, jointly with the Czech Antarctic Foundation, presented the project “Antarctica – Ice Love”, dedicated to the 25 Bulgarian Antarctic expeditions.

Addressing a huge audience, Prof. Christo Pimpirev presented fascinating stories from his bilingual book “Antarctica – the Cold South”, published in Bulgarian and in English. The book describes the everyday life and the work of the Bulgarian researchers on Livingston Island. Gergana Lapteva who took part in seven of the expeditions, presented the almanac “TerraAustralisIncognita”, a collection of most of the known geographic maps of Antarctica from the Middle Ages down to our day.

Prof. Pimpirev awarded special prizes to successful students of the Bulgarian language from Charles University in Prague and Masaryk University in Brno. The theme exhibition will be on until the end of June at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague.

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