World Theatre in Sofia Festival – 4-19 June


The 12th World Theatre in Sofia Festival has opened with a programme featuring an array of different plays from Germany, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Russia and the UK.

The festival opened with Hakanaï – a visual journey into 3D space between imagination and reality. In Japanese hakanaï means temporary and fragile, evanescent and transient. The choreography unfolds inside a special cube of moving images, created in real time as a dialogue between the moving human body, music and digital technology.

This year’s World Theatre in Sofia looks at drama from a different angle. The advancement of new technologies such as satellite and online streaming has provided ready access to some of the more elaborate shows that would be difficult to transport. Thanks to these technologies, audiences in Sofia (Cinema House) and in Varna (Europe Hall, Festival Congress Centre) will be able to watch a veritable theatrical phenomenon – the unusual take on Chekhov’s classic “Three Sisters” by young director Timofey Kulyabin, dubbed the infant prodigy of new Russian theatre.

The World Theatre in Sofia Festival is part of Sofia Municipality’s cultural calendar for 2018.

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