Balkan Developments

Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov to meet his Turkish counterpart Binali Yildrim in Ismir

Photo: BGNESOn June 12 Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov will meet his Turkish counterpart Binali Yildrim in Ismir. Premiers Borissov and Yildirim will discuss bilateral cooperation in economy, power engineering, culture as well as problems of the Turkish ethnic group in Bulgaria and regional topics. Boyko Borissov’s visit to Turkey coincides with the opening ceremony of the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) which aims to transport natural gas from Azerbaijan through Turkey to Europe.

Turkey completes construction of walls along borders with Syria and Iran

Photo: middleeastmonitor.comTurkey has completed the construction of a 764 kilometer concrete wall along its border with Syria. A 200 kilometer section of the facility was built by the governorates of the border provinces, Anadolu Agency informed. Turkey launched the project in 2015 as part of the measures to increase border security and combat smuggling and illegal border crossings. This country shares a 911 kilometer border with Syria. The construction of a 144 kilometer wall along the Turkey-Iran border has been almost completed.

Whoever wants to protest is welcome, but should not break the law, Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic

Photo: BGNESWhoever wants to protest is welcome to do so, but should not break the law, Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said on occasion of the recent protests over the increase of fuel prices. The protests were organized by the opposition, President Vucic said. A series of street protests were held last Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Serbia against the high prices of fuels. “Price of electricity in Serbia is lowest in whole Europe- 6.64 Eurocents per kilowatt hour. It is 8.2% cheaper than in Macedonia. Why then the opposition has not yet organized demonstrations against the cheap electricity”, President Vucic asked.

Albania will not build coordination center for former ISIS fighters returning to the Balkans

Photo: euractiv.comAlbania’s cabinet has denied statements that a coordination center for former ISIS fighters returning to the Balkans will be built in this country. Recently these statements have caused great hysteria in that country and all main opposition parties made serious accusations against Premier Edi Rama. A statement of Bulgaria’s Premier Borissov had been also abused and his words were quoted out of the context, Sander Lleshi, National Security Adviser to Premier Edi Rama said. In fact we are talking about an existing national Coordination Center Against Violence and Extremism. During the international conference against violent extremism held in Tirana Albania proposed that this center may turn into a regional center for coordination against violence and extremism.

Two people arrested over planned terrorist act against international KFOR troops in Kosovo

Photo: kosovapress.comA man and a woman were arrested in Pristina for planning a terrorist act against international KFOR troops in Kosovo and other crowded places, the Prosecutor’s Office in Pristina announced. One of the detainees- a Belgian citizen identified as G.Sh was charged with planning terrorist attacks in Belgium and France through suicide bombers, explosive devices and vehicles.

Plusinfo: No crisis in talks between Skopje and Athens on Macedonia’s name

Photo: BGNESThe talks between Skopje and Athens on Macedonia’s name have not entered a deadlock, a well –informed source, quoted by plusinfo. mc, announced. Two days ago there were many speculations that negotiations between Macedonia and Greece failed or were in deep crisis. According to the source quoted by Plusinfo, the statements about failure of the negotiation process were harmful speculation and that the two countries have not ceased working on the document and need some more time to complete it.

Romania’s ruling coalition holds rally against “abuses” in judicial system

Photo: BGNESOver 150,000 supporters of Romania’s left-wing government took the streets of Bucharest in a protest against the “abuses” of the country’s judiciary. Agerpress comments that the demonstration of the supporters of the government was held “against those who organize protests with the thesis that the Romanian cabinet hampers the anti-corruption processes in this country”. The leader of the ruling party Liviu Dragnea, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and other government members also participated at the protest. “Come out and say stop to the deep state that wants to control Romania”, “We want justice, not political police” and other slogans were written on big placards.

Compiled by: Stoimen Pavlov

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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Balkan Developments

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