World famous exhibition with focus on sea protection on display in Sofia

Judi Dench

A world-famous exhibition of actors and celebrities posing nude with fish species, thus aiming to focus attention on the ongoing disaster of over fishing, is now on display in the Credo Bonum Gallery in the capital city of Sofia until August27. It is part of a series of events dedicated to the European Maritime Day coordinated by the European Commission. This way Bulgaria becomes involved in the global movement dedicated to the protection of seas and oceans from destructive fishing practices. The exhibition is in this country thanks to WWF-Bulgaria and Doctor Atanas Grozdanov, lecturer in the St. Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia. In 2009, Nicholas Röhl, co-owner of a Japanese restaurant and actress Greta Scacchi, created the Fishlove non-profit organization. Their main objective is to focus public attention on unsustainable fishing methods that destroy marine ecosystems of the planet. The impressive photographs, which have triggered a significant public interest as part of the campaigns of many global organizations, are shown for the first time in Bulgaria as entry is free.

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