Happy faces of tourists captured on photo during Ropotamo River boat ride

Photo: Gergana Mancheva

Everyone is welcome on the boat pier of the Ropotamo River, where a colorful exhibition with pictures of the smiling faces of many tourists is on display. The photos are shot as part of a project by an environmental organization, and anyone can buy a photo if they want. Photos are shot by a professional photographer who adds to them a colorful collage with the most characteristic inhabitants of the Ropotamo – turtles, various bird species, water snakes, white lilies and trees with roots in the river. The area here is unique with its plant and animal species. The area around the Ropotamo River was declared a "strict-regime nature reserve" about 30 years ago. All human intervention is prohibited, including fishing, camping or logging. Ropotamo Reserve is located 50 km south of Burgas. The boat ride on the river is very impressive as tourists see the dense forests that look like a real jungle of intertwined trees. Other landmarks include the bay at the mouth of the river, the Arkutino marsh, on the surface of which hundreds of white water lilies bloom, as well as the island of St Thomas, also known as the Snake Island.

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