A series of market days revive streets of small towns in Plovdiv region

Photo: naprednazad.com

With the start of August, traditional street markets in the country are becoming more colorful. The biggest number of street market days are in the region of Plovdiv. There they start on Tuesday with the market in the town of Septemvri, and end on Sunday with the markets in the towns of Rakovski, Krichim and Hissarya. On Wednesday, people from the Plovdiv region can go to the market in Strelcha; on Thursday to Asenovgrad and Kalofer, and on Friday, to Banya and Koprivshtitsa. The tradition of market days is forgotten in large cities, but thrives in smaller settlements, where for a day only, a seemingly unattractive street is transformed into a noisy marketplace, where everything can be found –from piglets and chicken to old computers, authentic Rhodope costumes, antiques etc. Fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers and household goods are the most sought after, but anyone can find something for themselves and get a discount with the seller.

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