Tradition and present day bring together young mothers in many Bulgarian cities

Photo: Katya Chorova

The breastfeeding week in Bulgaria has come to an end. In fact, it went on for more than seven days (from 1 to 7 August) and saw strong interest from both current and expectant mothers. The start of the campaigns of this kind was given back in 1992 by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action. This year’s week in Bulgaria included interesting meetings in Sofia and seven other big cities. Young women met with experts to receive worthy advice of how to have more breastmilk and feed their children in a healthier way. Books and films useful to women were presented. In many places in Bulgaria, young mothers got together to breastfeed in the open. In this way they showed that they do not accept prejudice opposing the sight of breastfeeding mothers in shopping malls, public transport and parks. In Veliko Tarnovo, an interesting ethnographic item was shown – a Bulgarian embroidered shirt for a breastfeeding mother dated 100 years ago. The shirt had slits at the level of the breasts that the woman would use to feed her baby without scandalizing anybody around.

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