Most famous dogs in Bulgaria ranked on social media

Ivan Vazov (L) with Prof. Ivan Shishmanov and dog Hector
Photo: archive

The most famous dogs in Bulgaria were ranked on social media.

Dog number one is Hector – the pet of Bulgarian classic author Ivan Vazov. Hector, who was a pug, regularly accompanied his master on his famous walks around Sofia.

Second comes Gnome – the mascot of the first Bulgarian pilots. Gnome, a mixed-breed, was a stray when he was found in 1912 by the pioneer of Bulgarian aviation Simeon Petrov near a flight school in Étampes in France. He was named Gnome because he was small, but most of all because that was what the engines of the Blériot plane Petrov was flying were called.

Third comes Barry, the St. Bernard - pet of writer Georgi Danailov during the years he lived in his country house in Kovachevitsa. In fact, it is Barry that the writer describes in his book “House beyond the world”. After Georgi Danailov’s

death, friends of his from Kovachevitsa village placed a sculpture of the dog in front of the house in which Georgi Danailov spent the last years of his life.

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