Bulgarian citizen in jail in the United Arab Emirates, his relatives looking for help

Yuriy Bayrakratov, aged 46, from the Bulgarian town of Kilifarevo, has been in prison for months in the United Arab Emirates and his relatives are seeking help from the Bulgarian state. In mid-November 2017 the Bulgarian citizen went to work for Dubai, where he disappeared at the airport. According to information from his relatives, he deals with real estate. Bayrakratov;s whereabouts were unknown until April, when Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry informed his relatives that the man was found in a private arrest in Dubai. He was then transferred to a state prison in Abu Dhabi, where he still is, accused of plans for overthrowing the Emirates government. The Bulgarian citizen claims he was forced to sign documents in Arabic, the contents of which he did not understand. His relatives insist that the Bulgarian authorities should provide a lawyer and a translator on the case. At present, the defense of the Bulgarian is carried out by an officially appointed attorney.

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