Sofia hosts International Electro Mobility Expo 2018 for the first time


These days the Bulgarian capital hosts for the first time an international specialized exhibition called Electro Mobility Expo 2018. From 13th to 16th September all fans and fans of the new technologies will have the opportunity to see the whole range of innovations in the electric mobility sector. The exhibition goes under the motto "Challenge the Future" and under the patronage of Environment Minister Neno Dimov.

"The exhibition is a project run by two companies - one reputable communication company and probably the best company for planned construction in the Balkans. Contrary to the business logic, the idea came from enthusiasm. It is not by chance that we chose the motto "Challenge the Future" because electric cars are the future of transport and mobility”, the project manager Dimitrina Hristeva told the Bulgarian National Radio.

Dimitrina Hristeva also has a personal motive – she was part of the team that organized the first electro mobility conference in Bulgarian back in 2011. “I personally participated in the installation of one of the first charging stations in Sofia. Since those days we have see many new charging stations being opened, we have a lot more hydro and electric vehicles on the streets, and the best thing is that we have young inventors," she explains.

The exhibition will feature 18 world and Bulgarian brands of electric cars. There are also models based on ideas of students from the Sofia-based Technical University:

"Their project took the second place in Europe in terms of energy efficiency in this year's edition," explains Dimitrina Hristeva. "The exhibition will show that this segment of the market offers a wide range of options in terms of brands, models, technologies and prices. Battery prices fall, making these vehicles much more affordable. For example, from Sofia to Plovdiv you can reach for 3-4 leva. The initial investment in an electric vehicle could, up to several years, match the prices of conventional cars. In addition to being clean, modern, comfortable, and functional, these cars are equipped with all the driving and safety technologies. "

A total of 195,000 electric and hybrid vehicles were sold in Europe in the first half of 2018, which is 42% more than the same period in 2017, according to The Electric Vehicle World Sales Database. In 2017, the number of electric buses in the world reached 370,000, and electric two-wheeled vehicles - 250 million, mostly in China. Growth is also noted in Europe and India.

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