Yasmin Isinov speaking about Mind Trips’ new album “My”

The album is full of love and comes from our souls with no idea of ​​commerciality

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Alexander Georgiev (guitar), Alexandra Raeva (vocals), Buryan Maslev (bass), Vladimir Mitin (trumpet), Panayot Angelov (percussion), Stefan Tsekov (drums) and Yasmin Isinov (clavier) are the musicians that form the Mind Trips. The music they create is a combination of Chill Out and New Jazz. After Sin and Vanity, now comes the third album of the band, entitled “My” and including 10 songs.

“Some 10 years have passed since the last concert of Mind Trips,” Yasmin Isinov says. "But today I can say it was a lull before the storm. At the album's promotion at the end of October all saw this was a storm bringing no rain, but an extremely strong emotion. What we are doing now is quite different. People who have known our music for longer time can feel the foundation we now build on. The change in sound comes from the fact that Alex Raeva is our vocalist again. Her temperament greatly affects the plays we create. She succeeds in conveying her emotion and way of thinking on the song. She is also the author of the lyrics, which is another reason why Alex is so committed to what we create in Mind Trips. The basis on which we have been developing as a group is stable, as we have known each other for many years and we are good friends. Of course, we have arguments in the working process as we are seven people, but we always find the right path to approach an idea and turn it into reality. The work process on the album took quite a while - about three years, but we wanted to polish it to the smallest detail. Our bass player, Buryan Maslev, who mixed and mastered it all, has a great contribution to this. We hope the energy that we have brought to‘My’ to be transferred to our fans.

The first single is called “Do not Stop” and its original version lasts more than 8 minutes – enough time for musicians to have the opportunity to show their professionalism together. Listeners will hear the piano, the melancholy sound of the trumpet, the guitar, the varied percussion and precise vocals: “This is Mind Trips - everything is full of love and comes from our souls without any idea of ​​commerciality or something foreign to ourselves. This is us.”

Emotions over the new album are still going strong, but Mind Trips have already entered the studio to work on their new songs.

English: Alexander Markov

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