Jazz musician Dimitar Karamfilov releases his debut album ECOLOGY


Bulgarian double bass player Dimitar Karamfilov is part of the new generation Bulgarian jazz instrumentalists. He participated is various author’s projects of some of Bulgaria’s best jazz musicians such as Hristo Yotsov (Jazz Cats I andJazz Cats II), Milcho Leviev, Jivko Petrov, Theodosii Spassov, Antoni Donchev, etc. Several days ago Dimitar Karamfilov presented his debut author’s project named Ecology which consists of 11 pieces. Mr Karamfilov provoked himself and his music fans to strive for purity in their thoughts, actions and nutrition and of course live an environmentally-friendly life.

СнимкаI am very grateful to the audience which attended the premiere of the album in Studio 5 music club. A lot of people came to show their respect and listen to the pieces which are part of my first album. Of course, I am thankful to all musicians who participated in the whole process. I was happy to perform with eight other musicians on the stage during the premiere. In fact, all of them are wonderful instrumentalists and performers with huge professional experience and most of them launched their author’s projects. I am happy with their support. My first attempts as a composer date back to the time when I was still studying at the music school, but I started to deal with composing more seriously later when I joined the National Academy of Music. Ecology and Adrenaline from the Unknown are my first author’s pieces. Later, I wrote the abstract piece Golden Coin On The Bottom Of The Ocean, as well as The Oak Tree In The Garden (a jazz ballad). All pieces went under serious transformations over the years and this is quite normal, because I have changed as well. Experience leads to maturity, different way of thinking and perception. When people create music they should have a complex approach-from the tune to the arrangement of the piece. One and the same piece sounds completely different under different arrangements. I was influenced by the experience of celebrated musicians such as Hristo Yotsov (percussions), Mario Stanchev (piano), Mihail Yosifov (trumpet) and Vladimir Karparov (saxophone).

Dimitar Karamfilov recorded theEcology album together withrenowned Spanish saxophonist Arnau Garrofé, Hristo Yotsov (percussions), Alexander Logozarov (guitar), Mihail Yosifov (trumpet) and Konstantin Kostov (piano). Alexander Andonov (DJ Vagabond) joined the band for the recording of the Ecology piece which gave the name of Dimitar Karamfilov’s debut album. Dimitar Karamfilov’s album Ecology also consists of a new version of the popular Bulgarian song Rosni Mi, Rosni, Rositse. It was recorded together with Bulgarian jazz singer Marina Gospodinova and saxophone player Dimitar Gospodinov who made a successful career in Germany.

Dimitar Karamfilov pays tribute to the talented Bulgarian pianist and jazz musician Vassil Parmakov who passed away two years ago. Karamfilov and Parmakov worked together in various music projects over the years. Dimitar Karamfilov included in his album the piece Parmak Bey, which was one of the most favorite pieces of pianist Vassil Parmakov.

English version: KostadinAtanasov

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