Tube Hedzzz present their second album: Beyond

Photo: courtesy of Tube Hedzzz

A few years back, three acclaimed Bulgarian musicians – Angel Dyulgerov (guitar, vocals), Vesselin Eko Vesselinov (bass) and Rosen Vatev (drums) - got together to indulge in their hobby – playing the blues and rock and roll. That was how the Bulgarian band Tube Hedzzz was born.

The band’s debut album Back to the Bluezzz was released in 2013 and was a tremendous success, but committed to their individual solo careers, the musicians seemed to have put Tube Hedzzz on hold. Now, five years on, they released a second album called Beyond. But they also have a new, fourth member. Here is more from Angel Dyulgerov:

“There was nothing out of the ordinary in our work on the album, though our various individual projects were slowing us down, we were finding it difficult to concentrate on Beyond. The truth is that Tube Hedzzz is a very special formation dear to our hearts, because the music we make together is raw, unorthodox. It is the kind of music that shows us up as we are. The pieces are also more complicated, structure-wise. And as we were working on them we realized that what we needed was a keyboard player. And we found him – Plamen Denchev from the band Funky Miracle, an excellent musician.”

“There came a time in my career when I found myself playing less rock and roll,” says Eko. “Then I reached a point when I again developed a “hunger” for this kind of music. Casting a glance back through the years, I realized that I had started out with rock and roll and I was missing it. The rock and roll bands of the 1970s were the formative influence in my career as a musician. As it turns out, that was true of Angel and of Rosen as well. They too love the 70s sound, and that is something that draws us together. In our album Beyond, we build upon this sound in a new way.”

The single from the album Broken Machine was written by Rosen Vatev, he has one more piece from the album - An Ordinary Feeling. Vesselin Eko Vesselinov also has an original piece – On the Run. Most of the other music in Beyond is by Angel Dyulgerov. There is one track that is by popular rock musician Vasko the Patch and it is called Dog.

Beyond features 12 tracks. The album will be promoted at various rock festivals in Bulgaria throughout 2019. The video to Broken Machine is almost ready. It was directed by Georgi Manov, who also did a photoshoot of the four musicians for the album.

English version: Milena Daynova

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