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On the occasion of today’s European 112 Day, the building of the “National System 112” in Sofia was the venue of the official presentation of the new mobile app for helping people of hearing or speaking problems. They can file in signals to the emergency number through a chat in real time.  Photo: BTA

Alexandra Feigin (16), Bulgaria’s best figure skating athlete at the moment, won convincingly the title in the women’s category of the fourth edition of the Sofia Trophy International Tournament (February 5-10). The tournament took place at the Winter Palace in Sofia. Photo: BTA

As old tradition has it, the village of Tsarimir, Plovdiv region, marks Vlassovden – the Day of St. Martyr Vlassii. He is honored by the people as patron of domestic animals. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church pays tribute to St. Vlassii on February 11. Photo: BTA

Today, just like during the weekend, the south Bulgarian city of Blagoevgrad, enjoys beautiful weather with a lot of sunshine and springtime temperatures. Photo: BTA

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A day in pictures

On the eve of Lazarovden, the Ethnographic House-Museum in Dobrich (left) and the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas organized re-enactments of the Lazaruvane rituals related to that custom. Photos: BTA Students from the Art School..

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A day in pictures

The Vazrazhdane (Revival Period) Central Square of the city of Plovdiv is decorated with a basket full of enormous Easter eggs. It brings in the festive mood to the place before the Easter holidays we are to celebrate March 28...

updated on 4/17/19 3:43 PM

A day in pictures

The Sofia-based Stubel Art Gallery opened the exhibition “Timelessness”, featuring works by painter Dolores Dilova. The collection includes works created in the course of the past year. It can be viewed until May 10...

updated on 4/16/19 3:44 PM