Exhibition with paintings by BNR journalist Stoyan Radev shows creative horizons beyond the profession

Photo: BNR

Stoyan Radev, correspondent of the Bulgarian National Radio in the town of Sliven, central Bulgaria, has launched his first solo exhibition. It features 20 landscapes painted by him in the last 3 years. They are arranged in the lobby in front of Studio1 in the BNR headquarters in Sofia. The exhibition is entitled "Inspiration". The canvasses on display reveal sceneries of the Black sea coast, of the old cobbled streets in Zheravna and Kotel, as well as of the Sliven range of the Balkan Mountains. "Creativity is not like a photocopier machine. Through my paintings I show my emotions... Some of the paintings are devoid of modern touches so I can take a step back in time and show what the streets look like without cars, without the current dynamics of everyday life, " says the author.

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