Italian director’s interactive multimedia performance introduces Bulgarian audience to latest scientific theories


„The Long Way to the Stars” is an interactive multimedia augment performance-lecture, introducing audience to the latest scientific theories about the origins of the Solar System and life in the Universe, its authors say. In a funny and accessible manner the interactive lecture manages to raise important questions about the future of mankind. It is performed for the first time in Bulgarian language on April 11 in Sofia and on April 12 in Plovdiv. “The Long Way to the Stars” was first performed in English during the Sofia Science Festival back in May 2018but it still attracted more than 380 people.

The team behind the project includes: Andrea Brunello, Director and Playwright of Jet Propulsion Theatre, Dr. Vladimir Bozhilov from the Department of Astronomy at the Sofia University and Dimitar Uzunov, director, screenwriter and actor at Famille Mundi (Paris) and Arte Urbana Collective – Sofia. Together they have created a colorful cocktail of science, theater and performance.

Andrea Brunello is founder and artistic director of Teatro Portland (Trento, Italy and artistic director of Arditodesìo Company.  In 2012 he founded the Jet Propulsion Theater - a laboratory for theatrical performances related to science, scientists and scientific discourse. Brunello has a degree in Physics and Mathematics from Cornell University (USA) and he is also Doctor of Physics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook (USA). He has also completed several courses of acting and drama in the USA and in Italy.

On April 14th in French Cultural Institute in Sofia, the director of the “Long Way to the Stars” will also hold an exclusive workshop on scientific storytelling and science public speaking.

BNR’s Assia Chaneva has met Mr. Brunello to learn more about interactive performance lectures:

Editor: Alexander Markov

Photos: Ilya Stoimenov – “Forum Democrit” and private library

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