Electronic Dreams – Miroslava Katsarova’s new project


On April 17 in Sofia and on April 18 in Plovdiv, Miroslava Katsarova will present a new project entitled Electronic Dreams. It is dedicated to the interaction between acoustic instruments and electronic means of artistic expression. The singer has once again chosen April for her premiere, which has become a sort of tradition for her. Every spring her concerts are devoted to a topic. This time she and Miroslav Turiyski’s trio will present an acoustic-electronic version of her well-known songs such as "Ironic", "Perfumes", "Music, Martini and Smoke" and others. Miroslava Katsarova told us more about Electronic Dreams:

“Electronics is something new to me, although I have had a few sporadic attempts in that direction over time. Examples of this are my songs ‘Bossa Nova for Her’, ‘Road to Endless Summer’, and others. These are my older songs that were very well received by the audience. I have now decided to bring together all songs suitable for electronic interpretation. Miro Turiyski was inspired by my idea and in Electronic Dreams the audience will hear the songs re-arranged by him. Following the latest trends in electronic music, he wrote two new compositions to my lyrics. We chose a few more of my favorite songs from the 20th century. Among them are songs by the Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Esbjörn Svensson... The reason to include their works is my personal and emotional attitude towards them. I have been working with Miroslav Turyiski for seven years now. He is a man and a musician who understands very well what I want to feel and convey through music. When we both decided to do this project, we thought it would be good for us to have musicians with experience in electronic music. Alexander Lekov is one of them and likes to experiment with sounds and electronic effects. Miro Turyiski will be on stage with several keyboards and will play a very important role for the sound. Drummer will be Mladen Dimitrov, also known as DJ Moon. He did the programming of some of the tracks using specific sounds that he generated electronically. I believe that change is a good thing.”

Electronic Dreams includes 14 works. This is a program inspired by people rather than artificial intelligence or unrealistic relationships, regardless of electronic dreams in the form of music. For Miroslava Katsarova and the trio of Miroslav Turyiski, music is more important than genre definition. These songs are based on the hypnotic repetition of a short theme, which is a risk because the fragment could become boring and monotonous for the listener. But fortunately, presented in the right way, it actually gives an opportunity for great diversity.

After the concerts in Sofia and Plovdiv, two new pieces will be recorded in a studio at the end of May. The project will also be presented during a summer tour to the seaside, as well as at concerts in Sofia and Plovdiv.

English: Alexander Markov

Photo: private library

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