"Via mavis" – Amazing music of three Bulgarians coming from France, Austria and Holland

Viktor Benev (left), Victoria Kirilova and Martin Hafizi
Photo: Lilia Kirilova

“Via Mavis” – these are the musicians Victoria Kirilova – double bass, Viktor Benev – MalletKAT and Martin Hafizi – drums.
The three of them performed at Studio 1 of Bulgarian National Radio as soloists of the BNR Big Band, conducted by Antoni Donchev. After the concert, they shared more about themselves for “Stage Fever” on “Horizont Radio”. All trio members are currently living and working in different European cities: Viktor in Paris, Victoria – in Vienna and Martin – in Rotterdam. They already had ideas about collaboration in the past, but their first concert together took place at the Bulgarian National Radio in Sofia. This band is unpredictable – they inspire the audience not only with musical skills, but also with their original pieces. The compositions are written by Victoria and Viktor. The trio provokes the imagination and at the same time creates different atmospheres. Their ideas are brave, thoroughgoing and fascinating. The influence of the classical background they all have can be heard in their performance very clearly as well as their affinity towards jazz. The outcome can be simply called “contemporary music”, if aiming to avoid other genre definitions. What we heard and saw in Studio 1 of the Bulgarian National Radio would certainly receive an approval even by the most reputed European jazz scenes.

You could watch the whole concert of “Via Mavis” on the following Facebook link

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